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Podding Trait Marines [2000] Friendly vs. Necrons
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Default Podding Trait Marines [2000] Friendly vs. Necrons

Hi folks,

With the Greater Good and Ruinous Powers on the backburner for the next little while I should be getting my first outing with the Astartes this weekend. I'll be playing my necron pal, who routinely stomps everything in our group at this points level, and am looking for some help on the list.

Minor Divergence: Trust in Your Battle Brothers, Death Before Dishonour

HQ 1 [156]
- Artificer Armour, MC Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon, Terminator Honours, Frag Grenades

HQ 2 [387]
Epistolary [177]
- Force Weapon, Plasma Pistol, Frag Grenades
- Vortex of Doom, Fear of the Darkness

Command Squad [210]
- Terminator Honours, Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon
- Bolter
Marines x 3
- Bolters x 2
- Plasmagun x 1
#Frag Grenades
Drop Pod

Troop 1 [280]
Marines x 10
- Terminator Honours, Power Fist, Bolter
Bolter x 8
Meltagun x 1
#Frag Grenades
Drop Pod

Troop 2 [300]
Marines x 10
- Terminator Honours, MC Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon
Bolter x 8
Plasma Gun x 1
#Frag Grenades
Drop Pod

Troop 3 [300]
Marines x 10
- Terminator Honours, MC Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon
Bolter x 8
Plasma Gun x 1
#Frag Grenades
Drop Pod

Heavy 1 [250]
Marines x 6
- Terminator Honours, Auspex, Bolter
Bolter x 1
ML x 3
1 x Plasma Canon
Razorback [98]
- TL Lascannon, Extra Armour, Smoke

Heavy 2 [163]
- Extra Armour, Smoke, Power of the Machine Spirit

Heavy 3 [163]
- Extra Armour, Smoke, Power of the Machine Spirit

Army Total [1999]

The idea behind the army is for the heavy support to roll up and paint a juicy target for the veiling lord w/ immortals I'm sure to see, and the destroyer lord/squad(s) I'm very likely to see, and then call in the pods behind his phalanx (which he's learning to use painfully well after flirting with destroyer/wraith armies). The Master is there for the Ld and to provide a bit of cc counter-punch for the armoured firebase.

I'm a little iffy on the 4 pods, but other transport options just aren't viable versus the number of gauss toting warriors I'm going to face, and going footslogging phalanx to phalanx I'll definitely lose. Plus when he sees what I've got in heavies he may go back to his old ways of turtling with the warriors which seems to me would be fantastic for a pod army.

As the vindies are proxies anyway I'm open to suggestions there, the warm bodies will be made up of about a third of models from my Chaos army (hey they're still wysiwyg ), but otherwise what I got is what I got.

I know I'll definitely be facing an orbed veiling footlord, possibly an orbed phylactery destroyer lord, at least two blocks of warriors, definitely an immortal squad, at least one monolith with threat of a second, at least 1 destroyer squad. After that he's got everything in the codex out to at least a min squad. Funnily enough I'm hoping he follows through on his threat of a twin tower - Deceiver list he's been making since we started playing, it'll be the first time I'm confident on running enough AP to go for a quick phase out.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated, including the not so friendly-game sort, he's due for a smack of the cheezehammer anyhow :P
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Default Re: Podding Trait Marines [2000] Friendly vs. Necrons

I would take the Trait Cleanse and Purify and then take Eye to Eye as your major drawback since that will not affect your army and then take a 2nd melta or a plasma gun with each tac squad and lose the Razorback and just leave your devs in cover somewhere and let them just sit and shoot with their 48" and 36" range.

The MC on the PP is a lot of points just for the chance or rolling a 1 and then failing your armor save plus you have an apothecary to take care of your Master anyway

For the Librarian you have two close range powers. I would ose one of them for Fury of the Ancients since it has unlimited Range. Since either Vortex or Fear will be enough at close Range

Give your whole Command Squad a bolt pistol + CC weapon not bolters

That might help
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