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Black Templar 1,000pts.
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Default Black Templar 1,000pts.

Here is a list for a 1,000 army for a campaign my friends and I are hosting. advice would be nice (will be playing against an infantry IG, Ulthwe eldar, dark angels and possibly necrons) It feels a bit small. but probably because I'm used to playing with my 'nids XD

Emperors Champion.-140
-Accept No Challenge, No Matter the Odds.

-pair of lightning claws.
-5man command squad

Crusader squad 1-210pts
10 man CC

Crusader squad 2-123pts.
6man ranged.
-1 heavy bolter

Crusader squad 3-123pts.
6man ranged.
-1 heavy bolter

Heavy support.
Predator Annihilator-145
-lascannon sponsons
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Default Re: Black Templar 1,000pts.

That&#39;s actually a very solid list. I like it a lot, I&#39;ll probaly try it some time.

Critique: How is the EC getting into combat? The cc crusader squad completely fills their rhino, so he can&#39;t ride with them. However, he is disallowed from ever joining a command squad, so even though they have room, he can ride with them. My recommendation would be to move one or two guys form the crusader squad to the command squad, making space for the EC, while also giving the command squad more bodies and thus more survivability.

Also, if my math is right, you have 19 points left. I would recommend you buy a power weapon for the crusader squad, and then purchase frags for the Marshal and his squad.

That&#39;s just my two cents. Other than that, it looks good. Hope that helps.
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