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An early present to myself (2000 pts multiwing vs 2000 pts of nids)
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Default An early present to myself (2000 pts multiwing vs 2000 pts of nids)

Had a 2000 pt battle tonight. My multi-wing against his Nids'. Now, he's been giving me a lot of headaches (not the nicest of fellows) for a few weeks about how horrible the new Dark Angels codex is. Normally I wouldn't respond, and normally I don't play multi-wing, but tomorrow's my birthday. So I decided to give myself an early present.... >

My List:

Belial w/ Twin Lightning Claws, Apothecary and Standard Bearer 185 pts.

Venerable Dreadnought w/ Plasma Cannon 145 pts.

Dreadnought w/ Twin Las- Cannon, Missile Launcher 155 pts.

5 Terminators w/ 1 Assault Cannon, 1 Lightning Claw, Veteran Sergeant 240 pts.

5 Terminators w/ 1 Assault Cannon, 1 Lightning Claw, Veteran Sergeant 240 pts.

5 Terminators w/ 1 Assault Cannon, 1 Lightning Claw, Veteran Sergeant 240 pts.

6 Bikers w/ 2 Meltaguns, Veteran Sergeant has Power Fist.
Attack Bike w/ Multi- Melta
Land Speeder Tornado 415 pts.

3 Bikers w/ 2 Plasma Guns, Veteran Sergeant has Power Fist. 150 pts.

Predator Destructor w/ Heavy Bolter Sponsons 95 pts.

Vindicator 125 pts.

Total: 1990 points.

His list (what I can remember)

Flyrant loaded out w/ 2 pairs of scything talons

Sniping tyrant (barbed strangler, venom cannon) w/ extended carapace... might have had more...
2 bodyguards w/ lash whips

5 scything talon, rending claw, extended carapaced warriors

The red terror

12 stealers w/ scuttlers, extended carapace, and scything talons

10 stealers w/ the same

32 termaguants w/ that endless upgrade (the one where when they die, they get replaced)

1 Lictor

2 squads of 3 spore mines.... don't remember the type

2 zoanthropes w/ synapse

sniper fex

dakka fex

The mission was an omega level cleanse. Terrain was set up by a third party. He won the roll to see who set up first, then won the roll to see who went first.

That was his second mistake of the day... first being his list (ask a nid player... ). He chose to go first. BBIIIIIIGGGG mistake.

During set up he made another error, one that might have cost him the game. He set up more towards the back of his deployment zone. Honestly, He should have deployed as far forward as possible.

He takes his first turn, moves everything up, and all of his guns are within reach. He unloads a fusillage of viscous body fluids and does... nothing. Only 2 shots hit, and both were saved by my ravenwing bikers.

My turn comes around, I deepstrike 2 units (one has Belial in the squad) then move everything so that I can get better shots. My first shot of the game is my vindicator which has line of sight and range to one of his genestealer squads (the 10 strong one), though its in cover I place the template and roll a hit. 7 Stealers are under the template, 6 are wounded, none make their 5+ invulnerable. At the end of my shooting hes lost the ten man stealer squad, the five man warrior squad, half of his termaguants and 2 wounds from his sniperfex.

Second turn comes around and because of my careful placement he is unable to assault. He doesn't get any reserves and his firing results in the loss of 1 terminator. Thats it.... Though now that I think about it, he was in the same squad as the apothecary. Dang, lost a guy I shouldn't have...

My second turn, I get a little reckless with one of my 3 man bikers and get too close to his guants... Shot over them with the 2 melta guns at the flyrant. Proceed to say heck with it and pour half of my fire into it (needless to say it ain't flying no more...) Also proceed to reduce the guants to less than half scoring, wound the red terror once kill both the carnifexes and reduce the last stealer squad down to one man.... er thing.

His third turn, he fails his test for the guants and they run looking for the zoanthropes (unfortunately for him the only synapse in range last turn was the flyrant) the red terror however passes. His shooting takes a wound from Belial, I made the mistake of putting him a little forward, but nothing else. He assaults my bikes and kills 2, I then take the extra wounds from being outnumbered (something about monstrous creatures counting as ten models) and pass all the armor saves.

My third turn I kill the tyrant guard, the hive tyrant and both zoanthropes. I then move my venerable dreadnought and my plasma bikers into close combat with the red terror where the venerable takes off 2 wounds, the red terror then kills the 2 plasma gunners and the veteran sergeant proceeds to remove the last wound from the red terror. I end my turn having lost one terminator and five bikers in 3 turns.

His turn he gets the second spore mines and the lictor. The spore mines land dead on the head of one of my terminators, but don't even scratch his armor. He then looks at the board and concedes.

I still didn't have my third terminator unit on the table (apparently they were having a coffee break while waiting)...

Things learned:

Judging distances by glance can be very important (the first shot with the vindicator was just inside the 24" range...)

Nids crumble if you can deny them close combat

guants, even a 32 strong unit, just aren't scary... well not termaguants that is...

force of fire and control of the game from turn one on more than makes up for the loss of the second heavy in the terminator squads (heck, I didn't even get to use the last units weaponry)

What would I do differently:

I shouldn't have put the one bike squad so forward, that would have denied him a charge and saved 4 bikers.

Remember to use the apothecary. I paid the points but never used that ability, which in a deathwing squad is insanely good.

Things I would do differently if I were playing my opponents army:

Used cover more effectively

started closer to the center

not taken guants unless I was taking a lot (we're talking at least 90...)

a more stream lined army, by trying to play nidzilla, horde and stealer heavy he cost himself a lot. If he had went nidzilla with stealers, that would have made me make a tough choice and forced me to either take out the heavies which would have resulted in the stealers getting into close combat, or I would have had to wipe out the stealers allowing the big critters to run wild on my army.

Split at least one of the 2 squads of stealers into 2 squads of six...

The best part though, was how many times he said "you can do that? Hey, let me see that....".

All in all a good night. ;D
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Default Re: An early present to myself (2000 pts multiwing vs 2000 pts of nids)

Congratulations on the Victory.
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