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Emporers Beacons 750 pt. list
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Default Emporers Beacons 750 pt. list

Alright, tommorrow I'm having my first game with my newly founded chapter, the Emporers Beacon, which if anyone is wondering about who they are, can be found here.


The game is 750 points against necrons, and here is my list. I really cant change it, and was jsut wondering about your opinions on how it would do agianst necrons.

HQ- Captain Mulavex Stell w/ Master Crafted Power Fist, Combat Shield, Artificer Armour, Purity Seals- 145 points

Troops- Tactical squad w/ Sergeant & six marines; 1 marine has Missile Launcher, 1 marine has plasma gun, Sergeant w/Terminator Honours, Plasma pistol- 150 points

Tactical squad w/ Sergeant & seven marines; 1 marine with missile launcher( changed to flamer), 1 marine w/ melta gun,Sergeant w/ Terminator Honours, Plasma pistol- 165
Rhino- 50 points

Scout squad w/ Sergeant & four scouts, two scouts have shotguns, Frag grenades, Sergeant w/ Terminator Honours, Master Crafted Chainsword- 85 points

Fast Attack- Assault Squad w/ Sergeant & Four marines; all have bolt pistols and CC weapons, Sergeant w/ Terminator honours, Master Crafted Power Axe, Plasma pistol- 155


I will try an get a battle report done for the battle report thread in the Space marine section. It looks a little bare, and needs a new one.
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