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Dark Templars - 2,000 points
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Default Dark Templars - 2,000 points

I've got a game later tonight against my roommate and his Iron Warriors. I wanted to play a very infantry heavy army this game. I've got a few hours before the game so any suggestions that you can give quickly would be cool. I know pretty much what to expect to face which should be lots of infantry probably min/maxed las plas, havocs and a loaded up lord with retinue and at least 2 predators.

So here's my list:


Master - 126
-bolt pistol
- iron halo

Command Squad(5) - 240
-Terminator honors for Sgt.
- Terminator honors for squad
- Powerfist and Plasma pistol(sgt.)
- Apothecary
- Company Champion
- x2 power weapons
- Infiltrate

*I wanted to be sure giving the command squad allows the Master to infiltrate with them for free. Is this correct? I've never tried infiltrating the command squad before.*

Master of Sanctity - 135
-plasma pistol


Terminator Squad - 220
-Assault Cannon

Dreadnought - 105
- Assault Cannon


Tactical Squad 1(10) - 180
- Terminator Honors
- Stormbolter
- Plasmagun

Tactical Squad 2(10) - 160
- Meltagun

Tactical Squad 3(10) - 160
- Meltagun

Scout Squad 1(5) - Bolters - 85
- sniper rifle x2
- Missile Launcher

Scout Squad 2(6) - 108
- sniper rifle x5
- Heavy Bolter

Scout Squad 3(5) - Bolters - 70
- Heavy Bolter

Fast Attack:

Assault Squad(5) - 155
- Terminator Honors
- Plasma Pistol(sgt.)
- Plasma Pistol x2
- Meltabombs

Heavy Support:

Predator Annihilator - 145
- Lascannon Turrets

Predator Destructor - 110
- Heavy Bolter Turrets

Total: 1,999 points

The only thing I think I may want to do is give the Commander and Chaplain Terminator honors but they are both leading pretty nasty units ( command and assault squads respectively) so the TA may not be that necessary. Let me know what you think!

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Default Re: Dark Templars - 2,000 points

The commander does have to purchase Infiltrate but it's like what, 3pts?

The list looks fairly good but I'd suggest taking See But Don't Be Seen and giving the Tactical Squads Infiltrate. That way you can put the pressure on those small enemy units quickly and take them out one at a time and cover the advance of your other units, definitely give Terminator Honors to your commanders, dropping a few Tactical marines should give you the points to do all that.

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Old 12 Jun 2007, 21:12   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Dark Templars - 2,000 points

So I got slaughtered yesterday with this list. I took 2 marines out of Tactical squad 1 and gave my HQ's term. honors and I was allowed 2 points over for infiltrate for my Commander. My roommate took tons of regular marines. I think two 10 man and three 6 man squads. A 10 man havoc squad with 4 heavy bolters, 3 predators, about 8 terminators and a lord with a big retinue. Both my predators were essentially taken out first turn. The annihilator was completely destroyed and the destructor was immobilized behind a building and didn't have much to shoot at in the later turns. I really just lacked any anti-armor with my tanks gone and so two of the predators( I got one my first turn with my commander and hq) had free reign for most of the game.

Normally I would have taken heavy weapons in the tactical squads but all of those models are in pieces being updated to my new paint scheme, so I didn't have that option and it hurt me big time. I also had horrible rolls most of the game. With all my troops first turn shooting I took out 2 chaos marines. :

I need to get those heavy weapon guys painted up before my next game. ;D

Edit: My roommate posted his list in the Chaos board and it seems he was well over 100 points over. Wasn't intentional( I hope :P ) but that obviously makes a big difference.
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Default Re: Dark Templars - 2,000 points

Yea, ah well theres always opportunity for revenge. At least you got a game in.

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