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The Terrenus Crusade Armored Company(2000 point Templar list)
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Default The Terrenus Crusade Armored Company(2000 point Templar list)

I'm postitive that I have this list set now, so, without further adu, here it is.

HQ -
Master of Sanctity - Adamantine Mantle, bolt pistol, terminator honors, holy orb of antioch - 171
Emperor's Champion - Accrept any Challenge, No Matter the Odds - 140

2 10 Man Crusader squad - 10 initiates, melta gun, power fist, Landraider Crusader(blessed hull, smoke,) - 478
1 10 Man Crusader Squads - Melta gun, power fist, Landraider Crusaders(smoke) - 453

Vindicator - Extra Armor - 130
Predator Annihilator - extra armor, lascannon sponsons - 150

This army comes out to 2000 points total. Any comments and or questions are welcome and appreciated!
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