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Battle Report - Combat Patrol - 13th Company vs. Witch Hunters
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Default Battle Report - Combat Patrol - 13th Company vs. Witch Hunters

A little while ago, I watched a couple of my friends battle, and decided to make a Battle Report of it.

13th Company
9x Grey Slayers with a Wolf Guard pack leader
5x Wulfen
5x Long Fangs, 2x Heavy Bolters, 1x Missile Launcher

Witch Hunters
Inquisitor with Plasma Pistol
6x Arco Flagellants
Callidus Assassin
6x Stormtroopers, Veteran, Plasmagun, Meltagun
Priest (attached to Stormtroopers)


Scout Move

Witch Hunters won turn one. (1)

Flagellants moves forward. Stormtroopers and Inquisitor moves into cover.

Shooting results in only one single casualty from the Grey Slayers

The Flagellants charges the Wulfen. Wulfen strikes first, causing seven wounds, but only one Flagellant bites the dust.
Flagellants strikes back with 20 power weapon attacks, killing three. The Wulfen flee, but not far enough and is locked in combat.
Since they are outnumbered, they take two wounds, and another Wulfen die.

13th Company (1)

Grey Slayers move towards the Flagellants.

Long Fangs has nothing in sight to fire at.

Slayers charges into combat with the Flagellants. 28 attacks results in only one dead Flagellant.
The Flagellants strike back with 22 attacks and 6 Slayers die. But two Flagellants dies from their Implant Injector.

Witch Hunters (2)

The Assassin arrives. She is placed behind the Long Fangs.
The Stormtroopers and Inquisitor moves closer to the melee.

The Callidus fires the Neural Shredder, but fails to cause any harm.

The Callidus charges the Long Fangs and kills two, but receives one wound in return.
The Marines and Flagellants kills two each and it's a draw.

13th Company (2)

The Marines cause no wounds on the last Flagellant, but the Flagellant fails to kill anything either.
Instead it dies from it's Implant.
The Marines moves '3' towards the Callidus.

Witch Hunters (3)

The Inquisitor and Stormtroopers moves onto the plateau, and fires at the remaining Wulfen, but fails to do anything.

The Assassin kills the last Long Fang and moves towards the table edge with it's Massacre move.

13th Company (3)

The Wolf Guard and Wulfen turns around and moves towards the Stormtroopers, then charges them. Two dies and the Priest is wounded. But they stand their ground.

Witch Hunters (4)

Assassin moves towards the combat.
The Inquisitor moves away from combat.

The Wulfen kills two Stormtroopers, but it then killed in return. The Stormtroopers still stands.

13th Company (4)

The Wolf Guard kills a Stormtrooper, they break and is run down. Massacres two inches towards the Inquisitor.

Witch Hunters (5)

The Assassin moves towards the Wolf Guard.

The Inquisitor does his first thing in the battle. He fires his Plasma Pistol twice. Two wounds to overheat...but he saves them both.
The Assassin fires her Neural Shredder and the Wolf Guard falls.
The Game is over.

The Survivors

A nice little meatgrinder, in most aspects of the word. ;D
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Default Re: Battle Report - Combat Patrol - 13th Company vs. Witch Hunters

Jeese, I thought that the Witch Hunters were going to bite the dust at the beginning of this, all I have to say is sweet! Time for the 13th company to die! OH, and nice table!
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