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[Batrep]: Marines vs. Tyranids 400 point combat patrol
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Default [Batrep]: Marines vs. Tyranids 400 point combat patrol

well, not exactly 400 points :

played on a 4x4 board, desert terrain.

Me: Calignosis Proles
Chaplain with jump pack, bolt pistol and power weapon.

6x assault marines
Jump packs, 1x power fist, 1x plasma pistol

10x tactical marines
1x flamer

Him: Tyranids
4x warriors
+WS, +Str, +BS, +SV

14x Fleshgaunts

6x genestealers

he was a total newb to the tyranids, fairly new to the game. I did give him some advice (in other words, built his list) and told him that one of the best ways for him to win was to try to break my army up, focus as much as he can on a single unit with as much of his army.

Hill on right, Palm trees in middle, small pond next to it, hut on near right corner. More stuff on his side, but it was inconsequential, because he moved away from it all in the opening turns.

my assault unit is behind the hut, my marines are behind the pond.
his warriors are on my right, gaunts in the middle, stealers on the left, but all focused in the center.

game begins:
~his turn, he moves forward, has no LOS
~my turn, I move the tac squad left, (more behind the lake) the assault squad up a little.
~his turn, he moves the stealers into the forest, the gaunts move to screen the warriors from the assault squad. warriors draw a bead on my tac squad and cause no wounds.
~my turn, I move the assault squad back about 6", trying to get an optimal range for their next turn. I pelt the stealers in the woods with sporadic shots, no wounds.
~his turn gets a terrible roll for genestealers to escape the woods. gaunts move forward again, still out of range of assault squad. warriors shoot a little more, cause one marine to fall over.
~my turn, I move the tac squad towards the stealers, the assault squad towards the stealers, all within 12", everyone opens up and I kill 5 of the stealers. they are within synapse so they don't flee.
~his turn, his Tgaunts move up, blasts the assault squad with fleshborers (expected), I lose 1 (expected), he assaults (expected), kills 2 more (expected), genestealer assaults chaplain (expected), causes no wounds (not expected). return attacks kills 1 gaunt (not expected) I suffer No Retreat! (sigh) and fail 2 out of 3 armor saves (DEFINITELY not expected).
~for the next several rounds, the game consists of Warriors and Tac marines trading shots, dropping a wound here and there, slowly advancing on each other. The Chaplain kills the genestealer on my turn with no return wounds, and then spends the next several rounds killing 3-4 gaunts per turn, until...
~his turn, the gaunts reduced to 3, are suddenly out of synapse range, the chaplain still has no wounds on him. they flee, and I fail the sweeping advance. The warriors are stuck in with the tac marines and they're trading blows (Marines are at an ever-so-slight advantage, but it's fairly even) when the chaplain jumps over the gaunts, charges the warriors, and kills 3 wounds (1.5 models) Gaunts counter assault, chaplain kills them handily, warrior and tac marines trade blows I finally WIN assault, outnumber him, and he suffers No Retreat!, fails his last save and loses the last model.

Marines win.

Tactical Errors:
his: he should have shot the jump squad with the warriors at the same time that the gaunts shot them, causing more wounds and probably killing the chaplain.
mine: I should have had the marines and the jump unit together so that I could shoot the genestealers, the tac marines receive the gaunt charge, and the jump squad make an end-run around the fight and kill the warriors.
Creator of:
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Default Re: [Batrep]: Marines vs. Tyranids 400 point combat patrol

Thanks for the battle report!

+1 karma for sharing
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Default Re: [Batrep]: Marines vs. Tyranids 400 point combat patrol

Nice battle report, and well done ;D

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