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White Scars List?
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Default White Scars List?

Okies..... this will sound stupid but bare with me...... I'm trying to make a White Scars List from stuff i've attained. ;D

Okies, basically A mate from down south struck a deal with me after I discussed White Scars were something I wanted to try out, as they are one of the only chapters I find genuinely really interesting. Plus I love the idea of bikes :P

So he gave me stuff in exchange for my dark elves (was selling them anyway and they were something he really wanted to try).

So I have thus far (heavily converted and nice looking in my opinion. )

20 Tactical marines, 2 have power fists (will be vet. sarges, and two with melta guns.)

8 Bikes, 2 with power fists and I've enough upper halves for two of any of the weapon options available.

2 Attack bikes both with heavy bolters (although i can turn one into a multi-melta)


So my question is how do I expand on this? and how do I make a fluffy/effective list from this?

This is a stupid question I realize but marines are generally not my strongest forte. ;D

Thanks for any general advice ;D
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