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1750 DIY army
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Default 1750 DIY army

dont know what else to do with this army. included everything I wanted in it, and now I cant think of anything that would improve it very much.

Imperial Angels - 1748pts


Epistolary - 160 pts
Force weapon, terminator armor, storm bolter
Psychic powers: storm of the emperors wrath, might of heroes


Terminators - 230 pts
1 sergeant with power weapon, storm bolter
1 terminators with assault cannon, power fists
3 terminators with power fists, storm bolters

Dreadnought - 113 pts
extra armor, assault cannon, ccw, smoke

dreadnought - 140 pts
lascannon, missile launcher, extra armor


marines - 85 pts
1 marine with missile launcher
4 marines with bolters

marines - 80 pts
1 marine with heavy bolter
4 marines with bolters

razorback - 70 pts
twinlinked heavy bolter

marines - 80 pts
1 marine with heavy bolter
4 marines with bolters

scouts - 90 pts
5 scouts with sniper rifles

Fast attack

assault marines - 210
Sergeant with terminators honor, power fist, bolt pistol, melta bomb
2 marines with plasma pistol, CCW, melta bomb
7 marines with bolt pistol, ccw, melta bomb

assault marines - 185
Sergeant with terminators honor, power weapon, bolt pistol
2 marines with plasma pistol, CCW
7 marines with bolt pistol, ccw

Heavy support

devastators - 120 pts
3 marines with heavy bolters
2 marines with bolters

devastators - 115 pts
2 marines with missile launchers
3 mairnes with bolters

Whirlwind - 85 pts
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