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My Bro's CP
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Default My Bro's CP

Well I've gone against everyones advice and made a new CP list for my bro. Made from models he thinks are cool. Could people give me tactics I could pass on to him?

My Bro’s Combat Patrol

Tactical Squad Julius 95
4 marines w/bolters
1 marine w/heavy bolter
1 Sergeant w/bolter

Tactical Squad Augustus 81
3 marines w/bolters
1 marine w/flamer
1 Sergeant w/bolt pistol and CC weapon

Assault Squad Tiberius 116
3 marines w/bolt pistols and CC weapons
1 marine w/flamer
Sergeant w/bolt pistol and CC weapon

Bike Squadron Claudius 109
1 biker w/twin-linked bolter
1 biker w/meltagun
Sergeant w/twin-linked bolter
Krak grenades

401 Points.
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Default Re: My Bro's CP

Take the bikes and use them to get into combat with the enemy quickly, with the 2 non-heavy bolter squads marching behind them, and the heavy bolter squad providing fire support is just about all I can come up with at this moment.
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