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escalation campaign army list...
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Default escalation campaign army list...

Hey all, so just started a SM army, been playing Tau for the last 3 years and needed a change. so still trying to figure playing and army list nuances.. Our gaming group is starting a escalation campaign and the initial game is starting at 300 pts..
here is what i think i am going to run but would very much like some input...

4 man tactical squad 1 Plasma Gun
1 sergeant pistol and CCW

4 man tactical squad 1 Plasma Gun
1 sergeant pistol and CCW

5 man assault squad with 2 Plasma Pistols

The armies I will likely be facing is lost and the damned, 1000 sons, orks... no idea what their lists are going to be yet... we are going to be playing on a 4x4 table with mainly city style terrain (although not city fight rules)
I appreciate any thoughts, tactics, tweeks you might have
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