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1200 Imperial fists
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Default 1200 Imperial fists

Okay so there is going to be a 1200pts tourney at the place that i go to, and I was way too lazy to paint up my traitor guard. With the theme of the battle you need at least one inquisitional unit so I took an inquisitor lord and a callidus. I was stretched with what i could take since I didn't have all the right models. I'm taking what ever trait that lets me have 2 special weapons, any suggestions for the downfall trait?

1199 pts

Commander - 115 pts
Power Fist
Terminator armour
Storm Bolter

Inquisitor Lord - 126 pts
Plasma Pistol
Close Combat weapon
1 vet guardsmen w/ hellgun
1 vet guardsmen w/ grenade launcher
1 gun servitor w/ multimelta

5 Assault Terminators - 215 pts
4 lightning claws
1 thunderhammer
furious charge

Callidus - 120 pts

8 Marines - 195 pts
5 bolters
2 melta guns (i would prefer plasma, but i don't have the models)
vet Sergeant w/ bolter plasma
Drop Pod

5 marines - 85 pts
4 bolters
1 missile launcher

6 marines - 100 pts
5 bolter
1 missile launcher

Heavy Support
Predator - 153 pts
Twinlinked lascannon
lascannon side guns
extra armour

Whirl Wind - 90 pts
extra armour

so thats it, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated seeing as how i haven't played marines in forever and a day.
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