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1500 Dark angels for JD's campaign
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Default 1500 Dark angels for JD's campaign

Well yeah, it's a list to build off throughout the campaign, the whole army isn't there yet, but something to add to I suppose, anyways on with the list

-Jump Pack
-Melta bombs
Scout Squad (5)
-2 Shotguns
-Power Weapon, Melta bombs (sarge)
Tactical Squad (10)
-1 Flamer
-1 Plasma Cannon
-7 Bolters
-Power Sword, Plasma Pistol (sarge)
Tactical Squad (10)
-1 Plasma Gun
-1 Plasma Cannon
-7 Bolters
-Power Fist (sarge)
Tactical Squad (10)
-1 Lascannon
-9 Bolters
Tactical Squad (5)
-1 Flamer
-3 Bolters
-Power Sword (sarge)
Assault Marines (5)
-4 Bolt Pistols, Chainswords
-Power Sword, Bolt Pistol, Combat Shield (sarge)
Ravenwing Attack Squad (6)
-2 Melta guns
-5 Twin linked Bolters
-Power Weapon, Melta Bombs
Ravenwing Support Squad (1)
-Assault Cannon


Ok I think another power fist would be well served in the stand back las cannon squad, but I don't have a model so WYSIWYG would kill that untill I but my next Vet box....anyways that's it
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