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1000 point SM List - C&C
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Default 1000 point SM List - C&C

This is supposed to be a well rounded list - able to take all armies as equally as possible.

-Chaplain w/ termie armour, storm bolter
-3 termies + termie sergeant
-Land Raider

-2 * 8 man tactical squads (vanilla)

Dread 1: vanilla
Dread 2: CCW + TL Lascannon

Thanks for any comments,


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Default Re: 1000 point SM List - C&C

To me, it looks like your going to die, when facing any anti-tank weapons :

With a total of 21 bodies, and 3 vehicles, target priority will be a no brainer. Just kill land raider, then mop up the rest.

I would think, if you want to get more bodies, so drop that tooled up HQ, a retinue is fine, but personally, I would give him a jump pack, and have him (the chaplain) lead an assault squad.

Also, drop a dreadnought, their AV 12, so not great. Dedicated anti-armour will mean they play the role of gift wrapped victory points. Add more marine bodies. Scouts are good, if you want to save points and want to infiltrate.

Bodies=Good, especially with marines. I once fit 29 marines into my 500 points, and my opponents jaw dropped. Remember marines are scary.

Now the advice I have given so far is just general. If you want, please tell me who you face most, so I can tweak a little bit of the adjustments.

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