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Dark Angels, 750pts
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Dark Angels, 750pts

Hi, this is my DA army that I will be building up to be a 1500 competitive list.


HQ 1: Interrogator Chaplin
Termie Armour Total: 145pts


Elite 1: Deathwing Terminators
3 pairs of Lightning Claws, 2 Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields Total: 215


Troops 1: Tactical Squad Piscator (10 Tactical Marines)
Power Weapon, Multi-meltaTotal: 190

Troops 2: Tactical Squad Parum (10 Tactical Marines)
Power Weapon, Plasma Cannon Total: 195

[size=10pt]Army Total: 745 [/size]


The main problem i see is that it is incredibly inflexible. I have considered removing 5 Tactical marines from each squad and replacing them with either a vindicator or a squad of bikers. My main opponent plays necrons and will most likely use 20 troops, a lord and the monolith. I plan on ignoring the monolith and simply going for a phase out, but the monolith could really spoil my day.

Please post your C&C, your help is very much appreciated.
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Default Re: Dark Angels, 750pts

I'm guessing the two tactical squads will be seperated into combat squads?
Interesting list, 5 points to spare? I'm thinking a meltabomb on a sergeant. But thats just me

Never worked with a termie chaplian so i cant comment on it.

But termies in 750? Maybe classed as cheese but it could be incrediably effective to win.

I'm going to say ignore the lith ALLTOGETHER

Persoanlly i'd swap the melta for a plasma cannon to get the template and help force phase out. Focus fire on the lord if at all possible.
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