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Another Strike for the Chosen One! Errr... 1500pt Stonecutter list
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Default Another Strike for the Chosen One! Errr... 1500pt Stonecutter list

[size=14pt]Army Name: Stonecutters 3rd Company Taskforce [/size]

Trust your Battle Brothers (Courageous)- Strong sense of brotherhood in the chapter
Cleanse and Purify (Sombre)- They strike me as prefering a close range shooty engagement. Possible hint at Salamander genetic heritage

Eye To Eye- Fits better than the other two IMO:
Faithful unto Death- Partly punishment for taking what is usually seen is a less harsh major drawback


HQ 1: Captain w/ Terminator Command Squad (4): 305pts
- Captain had Storm Bolter, Power Weapon and Terminator Armour. Termies have 2 Assault Cannons

Captain is cheap and has some nice CC punch with his termie retinue. Move and fire goodness. Half the reason they're here is because I want to field my robed termies. Can Deep Strike if needed



Elite 1: Siege Dreadnought: 125pts
- Inferno Cannon, DCCW, Heavy Flamer, Extra Armour

Elite 2: Venerable Dreadnought: 130pts
- Assault Cannon, DCCW, Storm Bolter, Extra Armour

A lil walking death. Makes a nice tag-team with the termies at close-medium range as they can advance and unleash rather scary amounts of firepower



Troops 1: 10 Tactical Marines w/ Vet Sergeant: 235pts
- 2 Plasma Guns, True Grit+Counter Attack Skills, Power Fist (sarge)

Troops 2: 10 Tactical Marines w/ Vet Sergeant: 235pts
- 2 Plasma Guns, True Grit+Counter Attack Skills, Power Fist (sarge)

Front line units. Get them into cover and they'll be bloody hard to shift!

Troops 3: 5 Tactical Marines: 85pts
- Plasma Gun

Troops 4: 5 Tactical Marines: 85pts
- Plasma Gun

Support units. Back up the true grit squads with a lil more plasma, just to be sure things die. For the most part, they exist as an attempt to move away from the 5 man las/plas units and become more codex-friendly.

Troops 5: 5 Tactical Marines: 90pts
- Lascannon

Troops 6: 5 Tactical Marines: 90pts
- Lascannon

A bit of long range tank and monstrous creature busting. Again, I'm tired of min/max las/plas units



Now don't be hasty... I would've taken an assault squad, but it doesn't fit into the style I'm going for.



Heavy Support 1: Predator Destructor: 120pts
- Autocannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Extra Armour, Dozer Blade

A wee bit 'o dakka just in case the dreads and termies weren't enough! This baby can pump out some nice long ranged anti-infantry fire for a reasonable price. I like to drive my tanks through terrain, so I took the dozer blade to prevent the possibility of my tank taking itself out of the battle by throwing a track


[size=14pt]Army Total: 1500pts [/size]


The plan is simple. Find a good position, get on it, then dare them to kick me off. The termies and dreads make a nice tag team, able to march up and provide some nice firepower, all the while being no slouches in close combat. The True Grit squads will make up the front line of the infantry and should be VERY hard to shift. The lascannon teams take the back and provide anti-big stuff fire while the plasma units are in between, providing support where needed.

Some may ask, why don't I just go Dark Angel with the combat squad like split of my units. It's because they're Stonecutters, not Dark Angels. Don't let the robes fool you Oh yeah, and I like True Grit. Granted those free frag and krak grenades would be nice, but the way I see it, when they actually redo the marine codex (which according to Jervis is getting a fast track) it'll probably make combat squads a rule for everyone, so I reckon I should at least try to get used to it.
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Default Re: Another Strike for the Chosen One! Errr... 1500pt Stonecutter list

Looks good!

Solid units to advance with, some smaller back up units and a hard core command group!

The only thing that looks a little out of place is the preadator destructor, though it does look quite handy.

Your list does look a bit light on the anti tank front though. However if you manage to get close all that plasma will hurt, and eventually those assault cannons should get some rends.

Maybe try giving one of the small marching squads (5 man) a melta gun just to give you a little more punch?
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Gah! Not a silly Canadian. Can't Falstead ever be wrong?!?!? ;D
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