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1000pnt Creanator's Strike Force
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Default 1000pnt Creanator's Strike Force

On Space marine bike with Familiar and Fury of the ancients
Sub Total: 145
On Space marine bike
Sub Total: 95
[size=12pt]Five Tactical on Bikes[/size]
With meltabombs and one MeltaGun
Sub Total: 180
[size=12pt]Five Tactical[/size]
One with HeavyBolter Squad has frags, mounted in Rhino with smoke launcher
Sub Total: 138
[size=12pt]Five Scouts[/size]
Two with Sniper-rifles
Sub Total: 75
[size=12pt]Five Scouts[/size]
Three with Sniper-rifles
Sub Total: 80
[size=14pt]Fast Attack[/size]
[size=12pt]Six Assault Marines[/size]
Vetran Sargent with Power weapon
Sub Total: 157
[size=12pt]Two Speeders[/size]
One Tornado with assault cannon
Sub Total: 130
[size=14pt]Total points: 1000[/size]

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