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1500pts space wolves.
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Default 1500pts space wolves.


Rune Preist

war gear:

Chooser of the slain.
Frost Axe
Wolf Tooth Necklace
master crafted Axe
Runic Armour
Runic Charm
Plasma Pistol


Wolf Lord Bran Redmaw

Frost Blade
Belt Of Russ
Wolf Tooth Necklace
master crafted Axe
Runic Armour
Runic Charm



8 Grey Hunters

melta gun
Wolf Totem (standard)
frag grenades

Total: 177pts

8 Grey Hunters

frag grenades

Total: 150pts

10 Blood Claws

Power fist
Power Weapon
melta gun

Total: 170pts

4 Long Fangs

plasma Cannon
plasma Cannon
Las Cannon
Heavy Bolter

Total: 228pts

Predator Destructor

Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Total 120pts

Venerable Dreadnought

Assault Cannon
Heavy Flamer
Extra Armour
Smoke Launchers


Wolf Gaurd (4)

Halwor Grimskull

melta Bombs
Frag grenades

Arthog Ironhand

plasma pistol
Power fist
melta bombs
frag grenades

Hrolf Thunderfist

melta bombs
frag grenades

Krom Krakendoom

Terminator Armour
Power Fist
melta bombs


Land Speeder Typhoon(or tornado, i haven't got a codex too hand)

assault cannon


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Default Re: 1500pts space wolves.

you sure 'bout that rune priest?? i'd be ditching the master-crafting for sure, as well as the runic armour...and probably the runic charm. and the plasma pistol...if he's usiing stormcaller, he ain't shooting. instead, a runic staff is almost a must nowadays. the bionics should also go

as for the lord...i like your style, if not your intelligence . once again, lose the runic armour. and the charm the bionics, and the master crafting. i'll explain my reasoning in a sec. chuck the plasma on this guy. or, if you're particularly ballsy, a power fist instead

anyways, my reasoning: 2 sets of runic armour, 2 runic charms, 2 master craftings and 2 sets of bionics is like 110 pts. that's another 6 bodies at least. or whole lotta power fists for squads that don't have 'em. those six bodies will do you far btter than that other trash. runic armour and runic charms because these (generally) only truly come into their own in combat...and anyone that's picking on your character will most likely be bypassing saves anyways

hunters squad 1: ummm...fists?? better than a wolf totem. especially if you don't have bolters. in fact, i'd be advocating picking up bolters instead of the frags. beautiful advance, shoot and receive charge unit. plus you can break tanks with that melta and 2 fists

second squad of hunters there...same again. fists. and bolters, if you swing that way

that squad of claws: i'd be advocating maxing them, and i'll show you where to get pts back in a sec. but max 'em, ditch the melta for a flamer and max out on fists. screw the ****ing power weapon. and lead 'em with a rune priest

long fangs: why?? tanks are far more effective in every possible way. get a predator instead. or 2 speeders with multimeltas for some anti-tank fun

venerable dread...should actually probably be taking the place of the lord, in terms of HQ choices

as for your wolf guard...only complaint is you've got one without a power fist, and one that should probably be losing the termie armour so he can get a bolt pistol or bolter...oh, and those wolf guard...if they've got bolters, then the squad they're leading should be equipped as such...get my drift?

and finally...a single speeder?? always run these in 2's. in separate squads, of course, for maximum effectiveness

but there you go, take my advice and you'll gain a fair few extra pts. maybe enough for another squad, or at least a squad of 4 scouts with 2 plasma, a meltagun and a wolf guard leader with a plasma pistol and a thunder hammer
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