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Dusting off the Space Wolves: 1000 Points
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Dusting off the Space Wolves: 1000 Points

HQ: Rune Priest /Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Wolfpelt 99
HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader /Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Wolfpelt, Frag Grenades 81

Troops: 9 Grey Hunters /Bolter 204
-2 Power Fists

Troops: 9 Grey Hunters /Bolter 204
-2 Power Fists

Troops: 11 Blood Claws 196
-3 Power Fists

Storm: Landspeeder Tornado /Multimelta, Smoke Launchers 93

Heavy Support: Vindicator /Smoke Launchers 123

Against close combat oriented armys, the Grey Hunters stay at the front, the Blood Claws behind them for counter charges. The Vindicator is behind the Blood Claws and welcomes incoming enemy squads with ordnance.

Against shooty armys, the Grey Hunters move forward at the flanks of the Vindicator. The Blood Claws advance behind the Vindicator. Once the Vindicator is in shooting range it stops and lets Grey Hunters and Blood Claws advance to the enemy and charge.

The Land Speeder is hunting enemy tanks, preferably those which stay behind and drop ordnance out of cover.
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Default Re: Dusting off the Space Wolves: 1000 Points

you've got too bear in mind that the tanks sitting back and shooting can quite easily take down a land speeder.

i would equip the rune preist a little better and possibly add a couple of wolf scouts, but otherwise its pretty sound.
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