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[Bat Rep] 1,500 pt. Dark Templars vs. Iron Warriors
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Default [Bat Rep] 1,500 pt. Dark Templars vs. Iron Warriors

Dark Templars: (the execution of all things)
- Master w/ terminator honors, thunder hammer, plasma pistol, iron halo

- Codicier w/ veil of time, plasma pistol

- Tactical squad(10) w/ x2 meltagun, terminator honors, lightning claw, rhino w/ hunter killer missile

- Tactical squad(10) w/ x2 plasmagun, terminator honors, bionics

- Scout squad(5) w/ shotguns

- Scout squad(5) w/ bolters, missile launcher

- Dreanought w/ assault cannon, powerfist

Fast Attack
- Attack bike squad(3) w/ Hvy. bolters

- Landspeeder tornado

- Assault squad(50) x2 plasma pistol, terminator honors, plasma pistol

Heavy Support
- Vindicator

Total: 1495

Iron Warriors: (Irishoneall)
Lord w/ Mark of chaos undivided, d. aura, d. visage, d. mutation, dark blade, bolt pistol

Chaos marines(6) w/ mark-undivided, plasmagun, lascannon

Chaos marines(6) w/ mark-undivided, plasmagun, lascannon

Chaos marines(10) w/ mark-undivided, aspiring champ., meltagun, flamer, rhino w/ smoke launcher,extra armor

Chosen(7) w/ 3 aspiring champions w/ x2 power fist, power weapon, rhino w/ smok launcher, extra armor

Heavy support
Havocs(10) w/ mark-undivided, infiltrate, x4 plasma, aspiring champion, powerfist

Dreadnought w/ TL lascannon, Hvy. flamer

Predator w/ autocannon, Hvy. bolter, extra armor

Predator w/ autocannon, Hvy. bolter, extra armor

Total: 1490

Objective: Gamma Level Take and Hold

Delan III, a once thriving world, now lays in ruins after an invasion by Iron Warriors. They have taken root in the capital city of Atheran.

A fleet of Dark Templars received a distress signal from Delan III shortly before the planet's defenses were completely destroyed by the Iron Warriors.

A recon ship has been shot down which contained vital tactical information concerning the Iron Warriors positions throughout the city of Atheran and its surrounding areas. Master Luthien is leading a team through the ruined city to recover the data from the wrecked ship. From the intel gathered the ship has crashed within the center of the city and amidst a strong force of the traitorous marines.

Turn 1:

Irishoneall won first turn. The IW dreadnought fire frenzied killing 2 Havocs. IW squad 3 move foward into cover. Predator 1 fired at my dreadnought causing no damage. IW squad 1 squad one hit the vindicator with a lascannon penetrating the armor, which resulted in immobilized and crew stunned. IW squad 2 shot the dreadnought causing no damage. Predator 2 killed two marines in DT squad 2. Havocs sot the rhino, destroying it and killing two marines in DT squad 1.

The DT Dreadnought moved forward shooting and killing two marines in IW squad 1. The attack bike squad moved up the right flank along with the landspeeder. The attack bikes killed two Havocs. DT squad 2 moved foward with the Librarian. All other units either stayed in place or were unable to move or shoot.

Turn 2:

Predator 1 glanced the vindicator twice destroying both armaments. Predator 2 killed one marine in DT squad 2. IW squad 1 shoot the dreadnopught with a lascannon penetrating the armor and causing crew stunned. IW squad 2 Also shot at the dreadnought and missed. The rhino shot DT squad 2 killing one marine. The havocs destroyed one attack bike and wounding another but one havoc fried himself with his plasmagun. THe IW dreadnought shot down the landspeeder.

Master Luthien moved foward joining DT squad 1. He shoots the IW rhino destroying its bolter. DT scout squad 2 shoots the havocs with a frag missile killing one and the attack bikes fire on the havocs as well killing two. DT squad 2 rapid fires IW 3, entrenched in cover, killing two. DT scout squad 1 moves out of cover blasting IW squad 3 with shotguns, killing two. The attack bikes charge the Havocs. The aspiring champion kills one bike and the other falls back after losing combat.

Turn 3:
The havocs shoot and destroy the last attack bike. IW squad 1 and squad 2 shoot and miss the Dreadnought. Predator 2 destroys DT scout squad 1. IW squad 3 kills 4 marines in DT squad 2(I rolled 4 2's! :-X)

The librarian suffers Perils from the Warp while trying to use Veil of Time but rolls a 1 to wound. DT scout squad 2 fires another frag missile at the Havocs killing one. DT squad two rapid fires at IW squad 3 killing one. The librarian fires his plasma pistol at IW 3 killing one as well. ST squad 1 moves forward shotting the IW dreadnought with meltaguns causing it to explode. The DT dreadnought fires at IW 3 killing one.

Turn 4:

IW squad 2 shoots the Dreadnought with a lascannon destroying its assault cannon. IW squad 3 shoots and kills two in DT squad 2. The havocs shoot and kill two scouts in DT scout squad two.

DT squad 1 shoots IW squad 2 killing one. THe Librarian shoots IW squad 3 killing 1. Master Luthien shoots one IW in IW squad two and charges in slaughtering three more with his tunder hammer. The librarian charges in IW squad 3 killing two. The lone Sgt. from DT squad charges IW squad 3 but kills noone.

Turn 5:

The IW Lord and chosen squad disembark from rhino and moved towards Luthien and DT squad 1. The Havocs shoot DT scout squad 2 killing one. Predator 1 moves behind the DT dreadnought shooting and destroying its powerfist. Predator 2 shoots the DT squad 2 sgt. killing off the squad. IW squad 1 charges DT squad 1 led by Luthien killing one. IW squad 2 is finished off by Luthien.

DT squad 1 and Luthien continue combat killing off the rest of IW squad 1.

Turn 6: Dusk - Night Fighting rules take effect.

The Havocs move towards Squad one, fire and kill three. Predator 2 shoots and wounds the Librarian. The IW Lord and chosen charge the Librarian, the librarian is cut down by the Lord while failing to causes any damage of his own.

DT assault squad jumps out of cover shooting the chosen squad killing two. DT squad 1 and Master Luthien shoot the chosen killing two. THey then charge the remaining chosen and the Lord. DT squad 1 is destroyed and Master Luthien kills all remaining chosen.

Master Luthien and the IW Lord stand face to face.

Victory Points:
Iron Warriors: 1039
Dark Templars: 924


Smoke billowed out of the destroyed vehicles and dozens of bodies were scattered across the streets. As darkness began to fall Luthien stared straight into the eyes of the hideous Lord that stood before him. The fire from the burning remains of man and machine alike flickered in Its cold, black eyes. Luthien clenched his thunder hammer, the blood of his battle brothers ran down his armor and mixed with blood of their traitorous kin. He softly whispered a prayer to his Emperor and raised his weapon.

To be continued....

Man, I wish there was a turn 7 so I could have had it out with that Lord. Maybe next time.

I wish I had done a few things differently. I didn't use that assault squad very much but that may have saved me from a loss. The attack bikes and landspeeder rushing the right flank didn't cause nearly as much damage as I would have liked but they did distract the havocs and dreadnought long enough for me the move my troops forward while suffering only slight casualties. Irishoneall's rhino actually provided me cover which took away some of the sting of losing my own rhino first turn. My vindicator was also blown apart before doing a thing which was disappointing as it was my first time to use a vindicator. My veteran sgt. in squad 1 failed to cause a single wound with his lightning claw. :-X Thank god my master picked up the slack.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please give some comments and/or criticism.

Also, Irishoneall posted the battle report on the Chaos board with the fluff told from the Iron Warriors point of view. Here's the link: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=42127.0
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Default Re: [Bat Rep] 1,500 pt. Dark Templars vs. Iron Warriors

Interesting Battle report!

+1 karma awarded.

While I am normally not a big fan of using unpainted models in a game, but when I saw your painted Marines I must say they look great!

Got any more pictures of the painted ones?
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Default Re: [Bat Rep] 1,500 pt. Dark Templars vs. Iron Warriors

Originally Posted by Dutch

While I am normally not a big fan of using unpainted models in a game, but when I saw your painted Marines I must say they look great!

Got any more pictures of the painted ones?
I do indeed. Here's a link to a few models a painted recently. http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=41369.0
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