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1850 deathwing first attempt
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Default 1850 deathwing first attempt

OK so here it is. my first army list for the 1st company.

Deathwing 1850

Master of deathwing
thunder hammer
storm shield

Terminator armor
storm bolter
phsycic hood
force weapon

deathwing terminator squad
2 models storm bltr/pwrfist
1 model chain fist
1 model missile launcher+ lightning claws
deathwing terminator squad
2 models storm bltr/pwrfist
1 model chain fist
1 model missile launcher+ lightning claws

deathwing terminator squad
2 models storm bltr/pwrfist
1 model lightning claws
1 model assaultcannon+chain fist
company standard

deathwing terminator squad
2 models storm bolter/powerfist
1 model lightning claws
1 model assault cannon+chainfist

heavy flamer
assault cannon

Ravenwing attacksquadron
sargeant melta bombs
1melta gun

heavy flamer
plasma cannon

2 drop pods

total 1850

The basic plan is:
sue the pre-game scouts move to get my ravenwing into a good position like the objective or near the rear armor of an enemy tank etc.

then bring in 2 termie squads(on first turn due to deathwing assault) these wont scatter so will land right where i need them to. in either a good position to blast up some infantry or to blast rear armor of a tank. hopefully the ravens will pop a tank or 2 on their way in as well >

the other 2 termie squads will come in as usual wherever they are needed. i will try to keep my army close together and heres why.
one unit of termies will accompany the grandmaster. giving them a fighting machine
one will have the standard bearer giving them all +1 attack
one will be on it's own
the other will be accompanied by the apothecary and the librarian. this squad will hold back while the other 3 assault where possible. this is because the apothecary can make the 1st failed save within 6 in. not count each turn. since i wont be failing many saves this will be HUGE! also this will allow me to shoot up enemy units with hellfire and stormbolters/assaultcannons)or M launchers)
dreadnoughts pop in and wreak havoc hopefully.
the dreads are here to handle enemies with power weapons since they will be unaffected and these things would otherwise eat my termies. they also make usefull tank hunters and are hard to kill.
meanwhile if the ravens are still alive they can ride around blowing shit up with melta gun goodness ;D

OK so if i was to rate my own list:
i lack anti-tank. although everything in my army can theoretically hurt any tank in the game I'm not over confident in any one unit's ability to do it reliably.
I would also say the ravenwing should be larger. it's not very surviveable with only 4 models. however they are mostly just a tool to make sure the termies come in ok. if they do something good along the way thats great.
I would also question the lack of any heavy armor. i would have loved to fit a land raider in here but i just couldn't find the points.

well please this is my first list so tear it UP!


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