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Dark Angels, 1000pts for review.
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Default Dark Angels, 1000pts for review.

G'day all, wondered if you'd be kind enough to give me some feedback on 1k of dark angels. Been tricky to use the points effectively with the new list, but i think i've got everything covered.

Company Master - Power weapon, plasma pistol - 130
Joins plasma gun and power weapon combat squad

10 Marines - power weapon, plasma gun and missile launcher - 205
Split into two combat squads, plasma gun and power weapon mounted in
Razorback - 50

5 Marines - Power weapon, flamer - 110
Razorback - 50
Take and hold objectives unit

Ravenwing landspeeder - Assault cannon - 100

Ravenwing landspeeder - Assault cannon - 100

5 Devastators - 2 Heavy bolters, 2 plasma cannons - 170

Whirlwind - 85

Let me know what you think

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Dark Angels, 1000pts for review.

Love it
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