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Dragon's Errant:Fighting Tyranny on the Eastern Fringe:2,558pts
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Default Dragon's Errant:Fighting Tyranny on the Eastern Fringe:2,558pts

[[[ Hi, I am new to using Marines, so to speak, this is my first army that I own, and not chaos! The Dragon's Errant are a Legion force that left after the Heresy in disgust and escorted the Khadrovians(My Emperor loving rebels) Rather than start a new civil war, but they didn't want to see the Emperor in stasis-prison, or support the greedy High lords, they left when the getting was most likely to not be noticed, all records of the Khadrovians, and the Dragon's Errant were of course purged from the Imperial Hall of Records. Out on the Eastern Fringe, they rebuilt, and struck against any tyrannical world they could as they saw the Emperor's vision as that to liberate Humanity., Of course, if Chaos or aliens threaten to exterminate any human colony when they can help avoid it, they will go on the offensive in favor of that enemy, and then may attack the Tyrants when the alien menace is gone. They have seen the Khadrovian cause is one they can support, and even leave the Tau alone for the most part as the Tau can be reasoned with and are not slavering monsters bent on devouring mankind.

My List so far has a command squad with a master/Standard Bearer/Apothecary/Champion/Vet Sgt./and vet with a Melta-gun. they are pretty well tooled up and weigh in at about 500pts! and they have a chaplain attached to help it be that big!

Then the captain of Terminators with a Librarian, sgt, Asslt Cannon/Heavy Flamer(City fights!), this also weighs in around 500pts.

Then my elites: Veterans Squad(6), sgt has power fist/one vet with pwr axe, and one with twin-lightning claws, the other three with bolt-pistol and chainsword, all with termie honors, and a lascannon razorback to get up close fast.

Venerable Dreadnought with tankhunter skill, dilemma: Take the Lascannon, or the Assault cannon? both have their merits, and each it's downsides. +Drop-pod

to support the vehicles, I have a Techmarine and servitors in a drop-pod.

2xTac squads, missile launcher, one with plasma, and one with Meltagun, both dropping by pods

scout squad with Heavy Bolter, and bolters, sgt with termie honors.

scout squad with 4xsniper rifles, missile launcher, sgt with pistol and sword, and a scout with bolter.

I consider this force as one that is testing the enemy for future development to modify the force later. all the landed units have teleport homers so the Termies can land where they will help the most!

This is what i own at the moment, I am open to suggestions.
For the Emperor!
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