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Dragon Gaurd 1500-semi-competitive
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Default Dragon Gaurd 1500-semi-competitive

Dragon Guard

1500pt. Army List

Chaplain: 145
-Terminator Honors

Bike Squadron 195
-5x Bikes
Veteran Sergeant - Twin Linked Lightning Claws- Bolt Pistol
-Melta Gun

Librarian Codicer 130
-Terminator Armor
-Fear Of Darkness

Terminator Squad 220
-5x Terminators
-Assault Cannon

Tactical Squad 210
-10x Tactical Marines
Veteran Sergeant- Power Weapon- Stormbolter
-True Grit and Counterattack

Tactical Squad 95
-5x Tactical Marines
-Heavy Bolter

Tactical Squad 95
-5x Tactical Marines
-Heavy Bolter

Tactical Squad 100
-5x Tactical Marines
-Plasma Gun

Assault Squad 145
-5x Assault Marines
Veteran Sergeant- Power Fist- Bolt Pistol
-Plasma Pistol

Devastator Squad 150
-6x Devastator Marines
-Missile Launcher
-Missile Launcher
-Missile Launcher

i have some cash so any additions im open too, the bike squad and chaplain are the core so theyre gonna stay though

http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=75487.0 ~ My Space Marine Chapter
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