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narrative battle report
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Default narrative battle report

this is my first battle report ever and its going to be narrative so try to bear with me*

Tau list

-2 gundrones

crisis squad 2
-two gundrones

crisis squad 1
-two gundrones

stealth squad 6

firewarrior squad 6

firewarrior squad 6

firewarrior squad 8

firewarrior squad 8

-railgun and SMS
-multi tracker
-target lock

Space marine list

Chaplain 1
-Bolt Pistol
-Terminator Honors

-5x Cold Ones 5
Veteran Sergeant - Power Weapon- Bolt Pistol
-Plasma Gun

Terminator Squad 5
-Assault Cannon

Tactical squad 5
-heavy bolter

Tactical squad 5
-heavy bolter

Assault squad
-vet sarge- powerfist
-plasma pistol

Devestator squad 6
-3 missile launchers

Under the watchful gaze of the Chaplain the Dragon Guard prepared for war. The battlefield was strewn with rocks and* the remains of a downed imperial valkerie long ignored lay in the center of the battle. An abandoned farmhouse along with the remains of the grain silos dominated the southern half of the battlefield. The northern half contained a dilapidated barn and a large hill. The devastators hurriedly ran into the farmhouse smashing down what was once the front door in a* flurry of splinters. They threw tables and chairs into a position of defense. The three men with missile launchers tied across their backs sprinted up the stairs checking the upper rooms for life then bunkered down in the old den finding cover behind a couch. Following in the devastators footsteps fire support squad alpha filed into the kitchen. Pots and pans were scattered about scorched with black telling a tale of destruction long past. Just outside of the farmhouse the fire support squad beta set up their heavy bolter running it across the battle. With a roar the chaplains cold one charged forth followed by his squad of space marines mounted on cold ones. Cold ones had been used as mounts ever since the few vehicles left after the grand defense were destroyed. They were lithe and cunning making excellent mounts.* The assault squad jetted over the heads of fire support squad beta. They deftly fired upon the first squad* of fire warriors cowering behind the downed valkeyrie. The plasma pistol found its mark and melted the torso of the first fire warrior, his once pristine armor sizzling with molten flesh and bone. Their carapace armor saved them from the bolt pistol rounds only prolonging their feeble lives for a few more moments. The assault squad crashed into the fire warriors instantly hacking down 2 of them the sergeant crushed the head of the sergeant of the fire warriors and beating down another with his bolt pistol. The cyan blood ran thick, muddying the ground. Immediately the assault squad gunned their jetpacks again reaching the cockpit of the wreck. Across the battlefield one of the bikers in the chaplains retinue had been hit and his cold one was screaming in agony. The high pitched moans could be heard across the battlefield. Never the less the* squad was busy hacking the pesky stealth squad to pieces, the bodies could barely be seen due to the holographic projectors but gouts of blood were obvious and a thin blue mist was hovering around the chaplain. Without notice three men were gunned down mercilessly and the others barley had time to bunker down. Just as they had ducked into the cockpit for cover missiles streaked from three crisis battle suits shaking the wreck and kicking up huge billows of dust. When the dust blew away the interior of the cockpit was dripping red, the squad was gone. Still retribution was taken as the heavy bolters continued to spray explosive fire killing the remainder of the fire warriors not hiding in the barn. The hammerhead consistently found its mark but only succeeded in further ripping apart the farmhouse. The emperor was certainly with the devastator squad.* The chaplain urged his cold ones towards the barn in hopes of hitting the crisis suits. They flew towards the main doors when three missiles streaked over their heads exploding into the hammerhead gunship. The tank flashed brilliantly in a huge explosion and as the flame cleared the rail gun was destroyed and the tank had crashed to the ground.* Just as the chaplain neared the crisis suitís they eluded him by jumping out of the barn but 5 terminators landed right next to them, finally they had found the battlefield and deepstruck into the heart of the battle. Without the possibility of hitting the battle suitís the chaplain charged into the first fire warrior squad killing everyone without fuss. Then slammed into the second squad with adrenaline pumping. The assault cannon roared to life shredding gun drones protecting the crisis suits. The sergeant leveled his storm bolter and hit the crisis suits right in the chest wounding him gravely. Promptly the crisis suits let loose with everything into the terminators but the emperor was with them and their armor held strong even against the withering hail of the plasma rifles. In anger they charged into the crisis suits annihilating them and proceeding into the crisis commander. The chaplain also swung his axe in wide sweeps burying it in the chest of the fire warrior leader he drew two throwing axes putting the first into the head of a fire warrior and sending the other barely past the torso of the last hitting the barn wall, despite the fire warriors good fortune in not getting hit two cold ones buried their teeth into him tearing him apart in a spectacular spray of blood. The battle was terribly lost for the tau now, the commander glanced over from his fight with the terminators to see the last of his troops fall, this momentary lax in concentration was all it took for the terminator sergeant to cleave his torso in two.

i hope you enjoy
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Default Re: narrative battle report

Nice battle report.

I enjoyed it and so you are rewarded with a +1 karma point!

The next time you are going to write a battle report try to give us some more information about the battle being played. Also, use the enter button more often. That makes it easier to read.

Looking forward to the next.
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