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1000 point fluff/cityfight force
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Default 1000 point fluff/cityfight force

This is the army list for the Knights of the Crest for which the fluff is written and posted in the fluff section of the forums, but I pulled the names from Arthurian Legend... anyway the army!
Sombre: Cleanse and Purify & Never Despair
Drawback:Flesh Over Steel

Master Captain Arthur

-Storm Bolter
-Power Weapon
-Artificer Armour
-Iron Halo

HQTotal: 140

In the end I had an extra 45 points, and I was fairly set in keeping the full sized squads so I gave him the armor and halo. Plus it's fluffy.


Squad Guenevere & Sergeant Lancelot

Terminator's X 5
assault cannon

Sir Ector
tank hunter
Total: 115

Elite total:335

since all of my army is foot slogging it, these guys should draw alot of fire as I punch them up the middle of the board.


Squad Niniane & Sergeant Lucan
Tactical Marines X 10
Plasma Gun
Plasma Gun

Squad Viviane & Sergeant Bedivere
Tactical Marines X 10
Plasma Gun
Plasma Gun

Squad Nimue & Sergeant Kay
Tactical Marines X 10

Troops Total:525

With no heavy weapons I wont need to worry about stopping but they can still pack a punch

Strategy: the termi's and dreadnought will head up the middle while the tac's run from cover to cover harrying the enemy with fire while the melta's head for enemy tanks. the master will just head where the fighting is thickest.
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