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1500 BT Drop Pod
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Default 1500 BT Drop Pod

Ok, so I called GW today and asked them several questions pertaing to the Most Holy Black Templar, and one of them was if I could include the EC in a drop pod, sadly, the answer was no But I decided to make a list anyways.

Emperor's Champion - Abhor the Witch(points, and I felt like it, and I wanted a cover save) - 110
High Marshal Helbrect - Command Squad w/ Sergent w/ power fist, Fighting Company Champion, and furious charge(High Marshal) - 363

Venerable Dreadnought - Furious Charge, drop pod, heavy flamer extra armor - 181

10 man - Power weapon(points), drop pod - 200
3 10 man squads - power fists, meltas - drop pod - 210

C&C is welcome!
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Default Re: 1500 BT Drop Pod

I'd say swap out Helbrecht for either a Marshal or a Chaplain, then drop the furious charge. Then drop the Venerable and skill upgrades fromt he dread. This should give you enough points to a) get a useful Vow, b) get a power fist in the fourth squad as well as a melta and c) get extra armour on the dread.

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