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1500pts Vehicle HEAVY Marines
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 1500pts Vehicle HEAVY Marines

[size=10pt]Oblivion Glave 2nd Compant Armoured Strike Force[/size]

Traits: Cleanse and Purify
* * * * * Death Before Dishonour

Captain Fargus - 90 pts
- Space Marine Bike

Squad East - 275pts
x7 Bolters x2 Melta Guns
SGT - Bolt Pistol + CCW* * * //Transport\\ Rihno - Extra Armour
Squad Wollen - 275pts
x7 Bolters x2 Plasma Guns
SGT - Bolt Pistol + CCW* * * //Transport\\ Rihno - Extra Armour

Fast Attack
Landspeeder Squadron Handsful - 240pts
x3 Landspeeder Tornados
Landspeeder Squadron Boris - 200pts
x2 Multi Meltas x1 Landspeeder Typhoon
Bike Squadron Tallos - 198pts
x2 Plasma Guns x1 Twinlinked Bolter x1 Attack Bike - Heavy Bolter + Twinlink Bolter
SGT - Twinlinked Bolter* * * //Notes\\Captain Fargus Joins This Squad

Heavy Support
Predator Destructor Telford - 110pts
- Auto Cannon + Heavy Bolter Sponsons
Predator Destructor Hellion - 110pts
- Auto Cannon + Heavy Bolter Sponsons
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