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Bat. Rep. Hot Deathwing on Deathwing action!
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Default Bat. Rep. Hot Deathwing on Deathwing action!

I played a 1500 point game yesterday. It was a training mission on the surface of The Rock, to test the old Deathwing tactics against the new, revamped and revitalized combat doctrines.

I had:

1 Chaplain
5 assault terms.
5 terms with x2 ass-cans
5 terms with x2 ass-cans
5 terms with x2 flamers
1 dread with ass-can and DCCW

He had
Term Libby
5 squads with mixed weapons

Terrain was rocks and rubble, on a 4x4 table

It was brutal, for sure. Round 1 he deepstruck right on top of my right flank and blew the dread's arm off.
I rushed his closest squad with my assault team and killed them all. Consolidated back to the Crusader. Sprayed inneffectual fire from assault cannons.

Turn2 he rushed the crusder with his librabrian and an all CCW squad. Smashed it to bits with a thunderhammer and "deployed" the squad inside. He also charged and killed my dread.
I hosed his libby and squad with twin assaultcannons, killing a pair. I hosed the squad that attacked the dread, killed a pair, then chraged and finished them. Took woulds back, and was left with 2 men.

turn 3 he charged my assault squad, and got the worse of it. I killed 2, he killed 1. He charged my 2 men standing near the wrecked dread. They where killed by Belial. I hosed down a squad with my 2 assault cannons, killing a pair. I finally deepstrike my flamer squad and roast his last full strength squad who are plodding toward my lines. I kill no enemies. I do manage to flame one of my own men, who fails his save and dies.

Turn 4 our his librarian kills my chaplain, my last two lightning claws polish off his libby and squad. He charges my flame squad and wipes them out, but loses 1 term in the fight. Belial and his 4 remaining men trun the corner or a rocky out cropping and get burned down by a hail of fire. only Belial and 1 term remain.

turn 5 Belial goes back around the rocks to stay safe. His other 2 advance. I go to meet them with my last 2 assault terms.

Turn 6 Belial and the others link up and prepare for the charge. I blow them away the 2 man squad, the charge Belial and his partner, killing the term, but not hurting the master. Belail kills the squad, advances 3 inches. I chuckle, knowing i will burn him down next turn.

Turn 7 Belail charges. His consolidation move brought him into charge range. he kills 2, them is felled by a powerfist. He comes with an iron halo, but no adamantium mantle, and was instakilled.

This is not a real pretty report, because i really should be cleaning the house for valentine's day, but i do have a few thoughts. 1: The deathwing does not suffer much from the new rules. 2: Those lightning claws are scary, and you don't really need 15 powerfist attacks. 3: no one misses the strombolter when it's not around. 4: while old deathwing can outshoot the new guys, the mixed squads make each unit a total combat machine. No more avoiding close combat for terminator squads. I think this will work out well.
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