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Space Wolf Tactics (help appreciated)
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Default Space Wolf Tactics (help appreciated)

This has probably been posted before, but at the risk of sounding idle, i couldn't be bothered finding it, but I desperately need help with my wolf tactics they only seem to work against tau, and slightly less experienced players than myself.

Anywho, the list (1500pts)


Runic armour,
Frost weapon,
alot of charms and talismans.

8x Blood claws (usually in a rhino)

7x Grey Hunters.

7x Grey hunters.

1 predator anhilator.

1 venerable dread.

1 landspeeder Typhoon.

4 blood claw bikers.

5 wolf scouts. (melta gun)

5. wolf scouts (plasma gun)

Usually, my tactics are rather orky, i rush up the rhino, and i rush the grey hunters into good positions. Also the venerable dread plods along after them, generally hurting squads with its assault cannon. The speeder and bikes generally stay together with the rhino.

The Longfangs stay on a hill, or in a tall building. And spray plasma death onto generally alot.

I suffer casualties, wait for turn two where it gets entertaining. Tau players in the majority tend to sit and wait for my stuff, and take out the fast vehilcles, rhino etc. And then pop. my wolf scouts come up behind them bang goes that anoying hammer head, and usually a firewarrior squad.

After that.. what do I do?

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Default Re: Space Wolf Tactics (help appreciated)

Well just try to tie as much up in CC as you can, mate of mine plays SW and his scouts did quite a number on me XD. However though I think only one of em can come from behind enemy lines iirc, it sounds like your doing it to both(do mention if you can do more than one, I don't have the SW codex). Quite simply if you've popped the hammerheads and broadsides and can tie the rest in cc, it's pretty much over for a Tau player, but to advise what you should do next really depends on the entire situation so it's not easy to really give specific battleplans...
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Old 18 Feb 2007, 19:43   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Space Wolf Tactics (help appreciated)

Firstly, the list may be illegal, you need a HQ every 750pts but the venny dread may be a HQ.

I wouldn't use minimized squads either, I find you need that extra attack, when you don't have it. Also, bikers don't work that well with me, mine now serve as test models when converting. : They charge in all guns blazing, ans then get ripped to shreds because they don't have enough attacks.
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Default Re: Space Wolf Tactics (help appreciated)

Okay first and foremost, why are your blood claws in a rhino? You can't charge out of it and even fire warriors would charge you just to keep the blood claws from getting the charge . The landspeeder typhoon doesn't seem to have a real purpose. You can kill people perfectly well with the grey hunters those rockets won't do much. One scout squad can come behind but just one so make sure its the melta gunner. The other probably won't do much either. If you're going to use the bikers get more of them. They just need more to be truly effective, you could just use them to tie people up but I would try to increase their effectiveness as well. I can't really say more just because you didn't mention taking any special weapons in most of your squads. If you aren't taking the special weapons (like powerfists) start putting them in. Oh and I find a Ven. Dread with heavy flamer is insane when drop podded.
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Default Re: Space Wolf Tactics (help appreciated)

My friend that plays space wolves, uses jump packs on his blood claws, and more grey hunters. Those blood claws have a nasty charge, and with jetpacks can be deep striked.

I agree with the Venny being drop podded.

The rhino is only good, if the infantry isnt in it Use it as moveable terrain to protect something advancing.

Definately yes yes yes on the melta scout behind enemy line manuever. But you can only use 1 scout squad for that.

He always run the Exterminator Leman and it does real well also.
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