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My 1st Imperial Fist Army 2000pts
Old 05 Feb 2007, 17:25   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default My 1st Imperial Fist Army 2000pts

Here is a first try at a more fluffy type of list, yet i do want to win games at the same time or atleast have a good chance at a win. please give some constructive comments only!

Captain Lysander(170pts) - [size=8pt]Lysander really is a great Captain from a fluff aspect. He is a real leader and well what else would you really want?[/size]

Terminator Squad Pentos (470pts)
7x Storm Bolters + Powerfists
2x Assault Cannon + Powerfists
Sgt - Thunderhammer + Storm Bolter
(This will be squad will be with Lysanders, which will deepstrike into game with help of teleport homers)

Vunerable Dreadnought Brother Angus(130pts) - Extra armour

Squad Bracus and Squad Lucos (165pts each)
x7 Bolters
x1 Heavy Bolter
x1 Plasma Gun
SGT - Bolt pistol + CCW*

Squad Hellion and Squad Felcon (90pts each)
x4 Bolters
x1 Lascannon
SGT - Bolt Pistol CCW*

(Note* Troop Squad Sgts all have Bolt Pistol + CCW for Fluff)

Fast Attack
Assault Squad Cyan + Assault Squad Rha (160pts each)
x3 Bolt Pistols + CCW + Melta Bombs
x1 Plasma Pistol + CCW Melta Bombs
SGT - Terminator Honours + Powerfists + Bolt Pistol + Teleport Homer

Heavy Support
Devastor Squad Cruz and Devastor Squad Lantus (200pts each)
4x Missle Launcher
4x Bolters

So please rate as you see fit Thank you

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Old 05 Feb 2007, 17:37   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: My 1st Imperial Fist Army 2000pts

God splitter,
Very nice list. I "play" Imperial Fists myself (actually grooming my son to be an Imperial Fist player) so it's encouraging to see another list.
I really like the emphasis on fluff.

A couple notes, Lysander's Teleport Assualt special rule works especially nicely with multiple Terminator units. You can technically field 4 squads without another leader (1 HQ, 3 Elite) and having them all arrive all over the battlefield on turn 2 (pretty much always because of the re-roll) is gorgeous. But, don't get me wrong, Terminators are overpriced in points and I love the troop heavy list.

Also, the Suffer Not the Works of Heretics is not the greatest rule in the world, but might be good for your Devastator squads. The Tank Hunters would be great there.

Anyway, there's nothing I can really pick on here. It's a very nice list and would be a pain in the butt to fight.
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Old 05 Feb 2007, 17:45   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: My 1st Imperial Fist Army 2000pts

I gotta agree, i think the list looks cool.

I do prefer the venerable dreadnought to the vunerable one tho
And they shall know no fear

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Old 06 Feb 2007, 17:22   #4 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 99
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Default Re: My 1st Imperial Fist Army 2000pts

Cheers for the comments

yeh I was going to have more termies maybe i should make it 2 groups of 5 instead of just the one 10 squad
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