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1850 Trait Marines, the Black Knights
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Default 1850 Trait Marines, the Black Knights

So, I've decided to shelve my BT for a little while, and went out and bought a regular SM codex(never thought I would). And, using the same paint scheme as my BT, I will not have to change much, so, without further ado, the list

Minor Divergence-
Take the Fight to Them
Die Standing

Master - Power Weapon, Storm Bolter - 95
Epistolary - bolt pistol, Storm of the Emperor's Wrath, Fury of the Ancients

Ven Dread - Missile, Lascannon, Tank Hunter, extra armour, smoke, spotlight
Terminator Squad - assault cannon, cyclone missile

Tac Squad ALPHA - 10 man - Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon, Bolters, Plasma Pistol(Sergent) - 205
Tac Squad BETA - 10 man - Bolters, Plasma Gun, CC serg. - 160
Scout Squad DELTA - 9 man - Shotgun on Serg. - 117

3 Land Speeder squads, 1 each, - assault cannons - 240 total

Dev Squad JULIET ROMEO - 9 man - 2 missile, 1 lascannon - 210
Whirlwind - extra armor, power of the machine - 120
Predator Annihilator - lascannon sponsons, extra armor, searchlight - 151

Battle Cries - In CC: "Its just a flesh wound!"
When Shooting: "NI!"
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