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Battle report: 2 on 2 battle
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Default Battle report: 2 on 2 battle

Ok, I did my first battle as marines, and I had my friend with me who also started demon hunters alligned against IG and Necrons
My list

Raven Guard
HQ: Chaplain with jump pack fancy power weapon thing furious charge thing that lets you reroll hits
Librarian with terminator armour, power weapon, some other stuff
5 termies with 2 assault cannons
5 normal scouts with sergeant
10 sniper scouts (in squads of 5) sergeant
8 tactical marines with missile launcher

The gene seed that allows infiltrate thingy

My friend had tau allied and an inquisitor, grey knight termies, eversor assassin (had only 12 tau fire warriors and a hammerhead )

The other 2

IG: 40 IG troops, storm troopers 2 with meltas, 2 snipers, a commissar and heavy weapons team
Necrons: 2 wraiths, a monolith, lots of necrons in the monolith, 5 immortals, 2 tomb spiders

Turn 1: Raven Guard: Movement:
assault marines moved toward buildings where snipers were and IG too.
assault scouts try to flank the IG at the left

scout snipers kill one IG sniper
tacical marines try to kill wraiths, but don't :'(
other snipers kill a few heavy support squadsmen IG
Assault marines charge the horde of IG, with the chaplain, kill 6 due to no much in range..

Demon Hunters:
Assassin moves and charges towards the immortals
Hammerhead tries and fails hitting the demolisher

IG: Moves a squad full of flamers to kill the CC scouts, and does (question, can a commissar have a power sword, powerfist, and plasma pistol at the same time?)

Tank shoots and misses target drastically

Storm Troopers deep strike and kill the hammerhead (I don't know what the rulebook says, but our house rules don't allow deep striking the first turn!)

Assault marines kill 5 more IG and don't die.

Necrons: Since having 3 immortals killed by the assassin, he knows he needs to kill some real targets!

Wraiths charge to the Tacical squad

Monolith shoots up everything and kills 5 guys

Wraiths kill 3 tactical marines, lose none

Turn 2 Raven Guard

Since cheating happened our termies were allowed no scatter when deepstriking

My termies go on back of demolisher and immobilize it, and destroy 2 weapons ( I think maybe for the weapons)

Snipers rip apart the heavy support squad, making 2 men there left

chaplain kills 4 more guys, but assault marines don't

Demon hunters:
Grey knight termies drop by the monolith, can't do anything I believe
Inquisitor goes and starts ripping apart stormtroopers.
Assassin finishes the immortals, gets a wound, goes and kills the tomb spiders ( Awesome assassin!)

IG: turn 2, can't do anything besides shoot heavy support team guns at my termies, but miss
A few more IG are killed

Necrons: Assault with space marines goes nowhere
Monolith kills 2 scouts I think the assassin and a grey knight termie
The necrons weren't in any good spot to unload troops........

Then because of arguements on cheating etc., game ended and IG were dessimated, I lost a squad and a half, my friend lost a hammerhead and a grey knight termie

Necrons lost 2 tomb spiders and 5 immortals ( and were about to lose the monolith > )

I'll see if my DH friend can get more info on his side of the battle.

My seeing, we would've won, for if he moved his monlith anywhere there were antitank waiting for it, and once the assault marines finished the IG the wraiths would go down!!! :P

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Default Re: Battle report: 2 on 2 battle

well here is my side.
my list
hammerhead-burst cannons and railgun, MT, TL, disruption pods, flechtee dischargers, decoy launchers-180 points i think
1 squad of 6 fire warriors(used for distraction)-60 pts
grey knight hero-psychic power holocaust, icon of the just-180 pts
Grey Knight Hero retinue of 5 and 1 brother captain, one termie has thunder and storm shield-291 pts.
inquistor lord-power weapon and storm bolter, refractor field, retinue of 2 acolytes, 2 sages, 1 warrior, 1 servo-skull-135 pts
eversor assassian-95 pts.
total-941....i just realised i lost 40 pts to me not counting well..... (my partner has 1020 points in a 2000 point battle.
my description is not that different from autarchs but i will tell it anyway
assassian charges immortal squad kills 4 of 6. hammerhead shoots and misses after moving 6 inches
inquisitor stays still with retinue.
like uthlanar said i lose one termie from the monolith
thats preety much the only differences from what he said

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