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1850 BT, for tournament, comments needed!
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Default 1850 BT, for tournament, comments needed!

Ok, so, my mech BT is not doing all that well against things like MC lists and the like, so I decided to tone it down a bit.

EC-Accept any Challenge-140
Marshal- Storm Bolter, Power weapon, Command Squad - 2 lascannons, Razorback w/ twin linked lascannon - 340

Dreadnought- heavy flamer, extra armor, smoke - 123
Ven Dread- lascannon, missle, extra armor, smoke, tank hunter - 174

5 man plas squad in Crusader- 351
6 man plasma cannon/plas squad in razorback w/ twin las - 212

Assault Squad - melta bombs, 2 flamers - 252
Land Speeders - 3 assault cannons - 240
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