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Starting new Infanry Based Space Marine Army
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Old 19 Jan 2007, 07:39   #1 (permalink)
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Default Starting new Infanry Based Space Marine Army

I already have Chaos, Imperial Guard, and Blood angles army

I am thinking on starting another Space Marine Army built around four 10 man Tactical squads

Which of you giys use large amounts of infantry (for marines) and how has it worked for you

This would be a 1500pt army and may turn into a drop pod assault army, oubviously the troops and drop pods would take up most of the points

So I would have about four hundred to five hundred points for HQ and everything else,

Sample list of what I was thinking

Take the fight to them
Have pride in your Colors

iron Halo
termi honours
plasma pistol
power weapon
frag, melta bomb

Command squad
seven marines
serg termi honours, power fist
frag, two melta guns
Company Champion
drop pod
total - 378

Assault cannon
heavy flamer
drop pod
total - 148

assault cannon
drop pod
total - 148

assault cannon
drop pod
total - 138

Troop 1- 10 tac marines
Serg Termi Honours Power fist
Bolt pistols, CCW
Flamer, frag
Drop Pod
total - 226

Troop 2 - 10 tac marines
serg Termi Honours, power fist
Melta gun, frag
Drop pod
total - 230

Troop 3 - 10 tac marines
serg Termi Honours, power fist
Melta gun, frag
drop pod
total - 230

total - 1498

what do you guys think of an army like this, do any of yall play Drop pod assault

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Default Re: Starting new Infanry Based Space Marine Army

My space marine army has 4x10 man marine squads marines in it, 2 dreads, 2 Predator Annihilators, and 1 HQ, its quite effective, nobody expects that many marines, there use to really small armies of like 24 marines and thats it lol.

if you want an idea this is my 2000pts list, but with a few Very simple modifications it can become 1500pts with ease http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=37601.0 this might give you an idea of what I mean.

but yeah there fun I reckons lol
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Default Re: Starting new Infanry Based Space Marine Army

i know a guy who plays a marine "horde". he does great each game although with a ramshackle of my marines i killed him. last model let on the board after i destroyed his last model, a dread, was my chaplain.
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