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Need advice for 1700pt White Scars army
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Old 18 Jan 2007, 19:44   #1 (permalink)
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Default Need advice for 1700pt White Scars army

I have the rare privilege of being able to buy an army from scratch and would like to try the White Scars Chapter.
I started off with the intention of fielding a divergent WS chapter that incorporated Be swift as the wind and Die Standing. After playing around with a few idea's I realized what I had assembled so far could still fit into the parameters of a standard WS list.
I'm asking anyone what they would recomend to finish off my army as a divergent chapter and what they would recomend if I stuck to the WS Chapter of Legend traits which include Trust your Battle Brother and Flesh over Steel (instead of Die Standing)

Here's the list so far,
Reclusiarch on bike 115

Bike sq. Expert Riders, Furious Charge 289
1 Sgt - PF, BP
3 Bikes
1 Attack bike

Bike sq. Expert Riders, Tank Hunters 238
1 Sgt.
3 Bikes 2x meltagun
1 Attack bike multi melta

Scout bike sq. 174
1 Sgt. - PF, BP, Melta bombs
4 Scout Bikes - Melta bombs

3 Land speeder -Typhoon multiple missile launchers 210

Whirlwind Extra armor, Smoke launchers 93

Devastator sq 268
1 Sgt
5 Marines 2 HB, 2 ML
1 Razorback - transport extra armor, smoke launchers

This is 1387 leaving 313 points to play with. Assault squad lead by a Commander? More bikes?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Default Re: Need advice for 1700pt White Scars army

yeah add
8 assault marines 218 points
vet w/ power fist, 2 with flamers

captain 96 points
jump pack, power sword, bolt pistol

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Default Re: Need advice for 1700pt White Scars army

Nice! Thanks!
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Old 20 Jan 2007, 20:13   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Need advice for 1700pt White Scars army

Don't give a static shooty squad a transpot if they're not going to need it. Drop the razorback and avoid mixing weapon types in your Devastator squads so they will be effecient against their target. Also, Drop the smoke launchers on the Whirlwind as it needs to fire every turn of the game. Plus you don't need two HQ's at the 1700 pt level. Use the extra points on more bikes.
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