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Here's a Hypothetical Wolf List (legal now!!!) (1850)
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Default Here's a Hypothetical Wolf List (legal now!!!) (1850)

Here is a list I made up:


Wolf Lord
-Terminator Armor
-Storm Bolter
-Power Fist

4x Wolf Guard Bodyguards
-4x Terminator Armor
-2x Storm Bolters
-2x Power Fists
-Assault Cannon
-Thunder Hammer +
Storm Sheild

Wolf Guard Battle Leader
-Frost Blade
-Wolf Tooth Necklace
-Power Weapon

Wolf Guard Battle Leader
-Power Weapon


9x Grey Hunters
-2x Power Swords

Wolf Guard Leader
-Power Weapon

15x Blood Claws
-3x Power Swords

Fast Attack

3x Blood Claw Bikers
-2x Power Weapons

Wolf Guard Leader
-Power Weapon

Heavy Support

3x Long Fangs (+Pack Leader)
-Melta Gun
-Heavy Bolter
-Multi Melta
-Plasma Cannon

Leman Russ Exterminator
-Side Heavy Bolters

Total: 1845

As you can see it is a shooty army with CC units thrown in just in case. Also, i tend to favor the Meltagun

The best part of this list - no Codex: Marines entries in it, so no dragging around another codex!
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