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Help creating 2000 point list!
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Default Help creating 2000 point list!

I was wondering if you guy's could help make my friends 'take on all comers' list

Herer are his units that he owns units:

Chaplin 135 points
Jump Pack, terminator honors

Captain 130 points
terminator armor, pair of lightning claws

Librarian 100 points

10 assault terminators 400 points
5 with lightning claws, 5 with thunder hammers

5 terminator's 220 points
assault cannon

venerable dreadnought 125 points

full servo harness, 3 hb servitors
6 marines 110 points
missile launcher, plasma gun

6 marines 110 points
missile launcher, plasma gun

10 marines 195 points
vet w/ power fist and combat shield, melta gun

10 marines 186 points
vet w/ power fist, flamer

5 sniper scouts 90 points

10 marines
vet w/ power sword, plasma gun, missle launcher

10 grey knights
2 incinerator's (can deep stike, but makes them FA)

fast attack

10 assault marines 260 points
2 w/ plasma pistol's, vet w/ power fist

4 bikes 178 points
melta gun, plasma gun , vet w/ power fist

Heavy Support
vindicator 130 points
extra armor

Predator Annhilator 145 points
lascannon sponsoons

Devestator squad 215 points
4 lascannons

Land Raider Crusader 265 points

he also has a rhino (50 pts) and a razorback with twin lascannons(90 pts)

what should he include in a 200 point list???

btw he doesn't want to use any traits
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Default Re: Help creating 2000 point list!

to start with i'd take the chaplain with the aim of combining him with the assault squad. Also good to have a captain in there to get the "rites of battle" giving all your squads leadership 10. But i don't like him with L/claws and termie armour. But that's personnal preference, maybe drop the termie armour and get him a supporting squad or give him storm bolter and power fist/weapon and drop him in with the normal termies. I'd take the 2x 6 man plas/miss launch squads but instead swap the miss for las making them six man plasgun lascann squads. Take the 10 man marine squad with pow fist and meltagun and put them in rhino with smoke. Take the bikes. take the dread. Take a 4x miss launch dev squad maybe if possible. Predator if you've got enough points left. I'd tell him to pick up maybe a speeder or two, and another rhino so you can get another ten man squad in there somehow. most the missions in 40k are to do with capturing ground so you need a fairly mobile army. Ultimately this list should be your choice, remember that.
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