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Space marines Vs Dark eldar Battle report!
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Old 12 Jan 2007, 12:24   #1 (permalink)
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Default Space marines Vs Dark eldar Battle report!

OK! So here it is, my first battle report. Plese critique it so my next one is better! And before you all jump on my back i know all my mini's aren't painted and assembled 100% yet but i'm a noobie i'm getting there i promise!

Lists; 750 points Mission; Annihilate! 6x4 table


HQ- Master, S Bolter + P weapon

Troops- 6 scouts 5 S rifles 1 H bolter

Troops- 6 marines Las and Plas

Fast- 2x Tornado's / seperate

Hvy- 8 marines 4 H bolters

Dark eldar

HQ- Archon. Agonisers, shadowfield, Plas Grenades
Retinue 5 incubi inc master, Plas grenades

Troops- 2x 10 warriors inc Sybarite 1 dark lance each

Fast- 5 reavers inc Succubus 2 blasters

Elite- 10 wyches

Board was set up as follows, no scenery higher than level 2.

Marines deployed first and got first turn! And what a turn it was! The speeder on the marines left flank roared forward and unleashed it's hvy bolters and assault cannon into the reavers killing them all! The speeder on the marines right flank sped towards the warrior squad and killed 3, the snipers failed to wound any but the heavy bolter killed one, they then promptly fell back off the board lol!

Dark eldar first turn, ??? wyches move forward as fast as possible shooting and killing 2 scouts, incubi move through cover towards fire support squad, warriors shake the closest speeder with there dark lance

Marine turn two, snipers, capt and devs take out 6 wyches, shooting against incubi fails.

Dark eldar turn two, wyches shoot and charge capt but don't even scratch him, incubi continue there slow walk through cover. Warriors fire there dark lance at devs but fail

Marine turn three, speeders have now completly outflanked enemy and unleash on the warrior squad killing nine! The snipers finish off the last man. Fire support squad and devs manage to kill one incubi, capt kills one wych but takes one wound.

Dark eldar turn three is dire! Wyches don't scratch the captain and the archon and his incubi are STILL moving through those ruins!

Marine turn four, fire support squad, speeder and devs destroy incubi and the archons shadowfield, dark eldar player admits defeat, sobs and goes home

And they shall know no fear

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Default Re: Space marines Vs Dark eldar Battle report!

Nice job with the game.

For image handling may I direct your attention to here

[size=1pt]Steals all the peanut butter cookies while bluenose goes to try and fix his pictures[/size]
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Default Re: Space marines Vs Dark eldar Battle report!

Pics are in people! They're not brilliant but i'll know next time. Hope it helps you understand the text
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Default Re: Space marines Vs Dark eldar Battle report!

Nice report there blue! And of course good job on purging the enemies of the Emperor! It is very refreshing to see a Batrep with so many pics! Could someone give this guy some karma?
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Default Re: Space marines Vs Dark eldar Battle report!

Huzzah! Go home Wytch scum!
Originally Posted by Colonel_Sanders
When all was finished, the battlefield was a smoking crater. UDC, Valoran, US Army, Tau, the Nazis, a random pirate ship, and a bunch of ninjas, all were enemies to the Vulture. All were turned into scrap metal. Or plastic. Depends which game system you play.
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Default Re: Space marines Vs Dark eldar Battle report!

nice job on takin on those dark eldar, and i have to admit you didnt take very many losses pictures are a bit blurred but their good. Nice to see you started the battle reports then

the space marines codex has two missing chaoters expunged from the library, my chapter, is one of the expunged chapters, you see, the primarch of my chapter soon turned to chaos and as the ultimate sacrifice to the chaos gods, threw his whole chapter on a desert planet and left them there to die, they now walk this planet, which has no name, and call it their home world, altough they are sure they have an original homeworld, the fortress monastery is weak and made of scrap wood, with techamrines and servitors still building it out of what they find, the chapter fights of hordes to protect home
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Default Re: Space marines Vs Dark eldar Battle report!

Wow, um... I actually feel sorry for the dark eldar...

Your list was fine tuned, with almost a standard loadout for fighting, well almost a tourney army.

His was a veritable mess.

I'm not saying that this is a bad thing as those dark eldar need to be taught a lesson. But do me, and more importantly your buddy (especially if you want to keep gaming with him) by leading him to the dark eldar section of this forum to help him out a bit more with tactics, and tone your army down a little so that you don't keep humiliating him.

Say like removing one of the landspeeders, adding 2 marines to each troop.
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Default Re: Space marines Vs Dark eldar Battle report!

Yeah i know what you mean, this was his first game with dark eldar. It's an army he picked up over x mas mostly from ebay so he wanted me to pick a realistic army to highlight the shortcomings in his own. I'm no genius but i think he could have done better. But then saying that his tactic was to get the reavers into combat ASAP and then support them with the incubi, obviously i wasted his reavers first turn so the incubi had to take the slow walk through the rubble (and believe me this was a very slow walk, i think he move about 3" per turn, terrible dice!) But had he got down that flank I've no doubt his blasters would have trashed my speeder, then he would have been into my fire support squad and finally onto my dev squad. Things could have been a lot different, thank the emperor i got the first turn!
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Default Re: Space marines Vs Dark eldar Battle report!

Nice battle report! It could have used some more in depth information but the pictures saved the day.

+1 Karma awarded

Nice to see that you are posting battle reports, they are always interesting to read.

We now have a special board for Battle reports to be posted:

Space Marines Army Lists and Battle Reports

Well not exactly new, just added battle reports to the army lists board.
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Default Re: Space marines Vs Dark eldar Battle report!

Please for the love of god send your freind to the DE board. He needs alot of help. but expect to beat him alot while he starts his DE. I took me a long time to get my first win with them, but now its all good. I liked your battle report. Its very to the point and get the message across. If you continue to do them try to always post pics. people like them alot more that way. Good job on the victory, but my dark kin will return!
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