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1000pt list (Comments please)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 1000pt list (Comments please)

I've been reading up on the horus heresy and i've been inspired to make a Lunar wolves army based after the fall of horus and this is the list i've made! Please lemme know if it sounds good! Mind you I normaly play Tau so if somethings off rule i'm still new to Space marines!

Captain 1st Company Reavon
bolt pistol
power fist

!st Company Command Squad (5 w/ sergeant)
Bolt pistols & close combat weapons

Extra armor
Dozer Blades
Hunter killer missle


1st Company 1st Tactical Squad "Brotherhood of the red fang" (10 w/ sergeant)
Sergeant close combat weapon & bolt pistol
Drop pod

1st Company 2nd Tactical Squad "Neither wolves" (10 w/ sergeant)
Sergeant close combat weapon & bolt pistol
Drop pod

1st Company 1st Scout Squad "Black Fanged hunters" (6 w/ sergeant)
5 w/ snipers
1 w/ rocket launcher

Fast Attack-
Assault Squad (5 w/ sergeant)
Sergeant terminator honours
Power fist
Combat Shield
1 w/ plasma pistol

Heavy Support-
Predator Destructor
Hevy bolters
Hunter killer missle

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