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Trial Deathwing list using the current rumors (Pure Deathwing)
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Default Trial Deathwing list using the current rumors (Pure Deathwing)

Master of the Deathwing w/ Terminator armor, master crafted power sword (sword of silence) and storm bolter 130 pts

5 man Terminator Command Squad w/ 1 Assault cannon 245 pts

Codicier w/ terminator armor, Storm Sheild, Fury of the ancients 138 pts

Reclusiarch w/ Terminator armor, storm bolter 115 pts

*Techmarine w/ Terminator armor, storm bolter 100 pts

Venerable Dreadnought w/ Plasma Cannon 145 pts

Dreadnought w/ Twin Lascannon, Missile launcher 135 pts

5 Terminators w/ 1 assault cannon, 1 Lightning claw 245 pts

5 Terminators w/ 1 Assault cannon, 1 Lightning claw 245 pts

Total: 1498

*I don't know if techmarines are going to be allowed to take terminator armor in the new deathwing codex, also I'm pretty sure some of my point costs are going to be off, but I don't know by how much.

Now, using this list and the new Deathwing Assault rules I've been able to win 4 games (2 against a min/maxed tournament marine list, 2 against a nasty nidzilla list) and a tie against a Black Templar list that started the game outnumbering me by more than 3:1. I would have won that game but for an attrocious last turns armor saving rolls (4 1's when I needed 2 2+'s to win.... :'( )

I'm posting the list for two reasons...

1. To show that the new Deathwing won't be neutered if played right. My list only runs 3 assault cannons. That should tell you something.

2. I'm curious about how the Deathwing Assault will work. As it is I have 5 units eligible for deep strike on turn one, so does that mean I only get 2 or do I get to deepstrike 3? I haven't seen anything to show wether you round up or down...

Finally, If I were to go up to 1850 or even 2000 pts it would be literally with just adding more deathwing squads, presumably with cyclone missile launchers.
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