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2000 point Black Templar
Old 28 Dec 2006, 04:16   #1 (permalink)
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Default 2000 point Black Templar

I felt like making a list, so I did, that, and I had a lot of success with a plasma cannon today, defiantly made back its points.

High Marshal Helbrecht - 175

Emperor's Champion - Accept any Challenge - 140

Master of Sanctity- plasma pistol, frag, krak, holy orb - 138

10 man Sword Brethren - Lightning Claws, power weapon, krak - 260

Dreadnaught - heavy flamer, extra armor

2 20 man squads, 1 w/ frag, all with power fist and melta

10 man - las/plas

10 man - plasma gun and plasma cannon

5 man biker - 3 power weapons
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Old 28 Dec 2006, 19:53   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: 2000 point Black Templar

I see you'll go "Footslog Galore". But if so, you need more numbers. The list in iself looks well, but I would consider making some changes on your list.

Helbrecht is fine. Put him a big squad until you hit combat.

The Champion is what he is. But his vow should be considered by what opponent you will face. I facing GEQs, I'd seriously consider taking the one which gives you a 6+ inv. save instead.

Master of Sanctity. I'd throw out everything exept the frags. Give him a meltabomb.
The Holy Orb is an item I'd only take if I had some points left over.

I'd not recommend Sword Brethren. Too expensive for too little else. Take a 10/10 Initiate/Neophyte squad instead.

Dreadnought. I'd drop the flamer. You will most likely only get one shot off with it anyways. And take a twin-linked lascannon/missile launcher. You desperatly need some antitank shooting.

20-man squads are good. Take one more.

The ideal number for "stand back and shoot" squads is 6.
Keep the two you have. And add another with las/plas.

Bikes. Hum... They will be in front of your army, as they are much faster then everything else. And will be the first thing to be shot into oblivion.
Take a Predator Destructor. Or have some drop-pod squads.

I hope you find some help in this.

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Old 29 Dec 2006, 05:11   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: 2000 point Black Templar

My problem is that I'm trying to do this cheep, with what I've got. I'm already getting more Neophytes for that second squad, and the Sword Breatheren. I've used them for fun, and they come in quite handy if you ask me. Chappy is so that they re-roll to hit, and I threw in the krak just becuase I had points left over.

I might be able to get that 3rd squad in, by purchasing 2 more squads of neophytes.

As of today I think that I'm scrapping this list, I'm going to be trying out at least two more tommarrow.
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