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Batle force army lists.
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Old 21 Dec 2006, 00:57   #1 (permalink)
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Default Batle force army lists.

Okay, Christmas is here, and I asked for the SM battle force.

does any one have a good list for using the BF.
i already have a master( he has a CCW and a bolt pistol), and a bunch of other models. these i'll add in later, i just need a list for the box contents.
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Old 22 Dec 2006, 20:13   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Batle force army lists.

captain(aster if you want just add 15 pts)86 points
power weapon(change your CCW to this) bp, combat shield

10 marines 215 points
vet, plasma gun, missle launcher trust in your battle brothers

5 marines 141 points
vet with lightning claw (from your master sprue) flamer trust in your battle brothers
rhino 53 points
smoke launchers

5 scouts 70 points
bolters, heavy bolter

fast attack
5 assault marines 150 points
1 plasma pistol, vet with powerfist

traits:trust in your battle brothers
drawback:we stand alone

715 points total
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Old 24 Dec 2006, 18:06   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Batle force army lists.

It'll definitely be more effective if you tell us some of your other models, but here it goes (I really don't like Far_Shot's list).

Master @117
. Bolt Pistol
. Power Weapon
. Combat Shield
. Frag Grenades
. Terminator Honours

Tactical Squad @110
6x Space Marines
. Missile Launcher
. Plasma Gun

Tactical Squad @160
Veteran Sergeant
. Bolt Pistol
. Power Fist
7x Space Marines
. Meltagun
Rhino @58
. Extra Armour
. Smoke Launchers

Scout Squad @70
5x Scouts
. 4x Bolters
. Heavy Bolter

Fast Attack
Assault Squad @150
Veteran Sergeant
. Bolt Pistol
. Power Fist
4x Assault Marines
. 2x Plasma Pistols

Total: 665

Very odd points (buy a sarge frags!), but it's about as effective as you're getting with just a battleforce. Add a tac squad and shave a few points off the master to reach 750.

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Old 27 Dec 2006, 02:02   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Batle force army lists

i didn't get it. but keep 'em coming, i got a $50 gift card..
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