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2000 point Black Templar for fun, possibly for tournament
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Default 2000 point Black Templar for fun, possibly for tournament

I just had the need to make a list today, so here it is-


Emperor's Champion - Accept any Challenge, No Matter the Odds - 140

High Marshal Helbrecht - furious charge, command squad(company champion, flamer, melta) - 366

Master of Sanctity - plasma pistol, holy orb, teleport homer - 140


2 20 man Crusader Squads - shotguns on 10 neophytes, powerfist, melta - 275 each

2 10 man Drop Pod Squads - bolters, powerfists, plasma - 211


Sword Breatheren Assault Terminator Squad - 360

Ok, so the basic plan at this time is to join the chaplain to a squad, EC join the other, march them forward together, with Helbrecht's leading, and teleporting the Terminators, detaching Chaplain from the squad and having him join them, and drop podding the other two squads where they are needed. Then tear the enemy apart in CC
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