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Ultramarines 7th Company, 1850pts
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Default Ultramarines 7th Company, 1850pts

[size=15pt]Ultramarines 7th Company[/size]

Master Captain Vash Thalion
-Storm Bolter, Power Weapon, Terminator Honors, Iron Halo, frag grenades
Total: 136

Command Squad Baelin (6)
-Veteran Sergeant Baelin with Bol pistol and Power Fist, Company Champion Sesaro, Apothecary Philantes, Standard Bearer Gareth, Marines with ccw and bp x2, Frag Grenades, Furious Charge
Sub Total: 214
Rhino APC
-Extra Armor, Pintle Mounted Storm Bolter
Total: 279

Master of Sanctity Claudius
-Bolt Pistol, Terminator Honors, Jump Pack, Melta Bombs, Frag Grenades
Total: 142

Dreadnaught Vindicatus Morti
-Venerable, Twin Linked Lascannon, Missil Launchers
Total: 155

Tactical Squad Tyriel (10)
-Terminator Honors, Power Fist, melta gun, frag grenades
Total: 200

Tactical Squad Oscelo (10)
-Terminator Honors, Power Weapon, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon
Total: 205

Tactical Squad Altaris (5)
Total: 90

Tactical Squad Eurida (5)
Total: 90

Assault Squad Herrion (5)
-Terminator Honors, Power Fist, Plasma Pistol x3, melta bombs
Total: 170

Devastator Squad Voltaris (5)
-Missil Launcher x3, Heavy Bolter x1
Total: 150

Predator Annihilator Titan
-Lascannon Sponsons
Total: 145

Whirlwind Hurricane
Total: 85

Army Total: 1847

So comments and criticism would be nice. Im thinking about dropping the whirlwind and adding a Land Raider to boost it to 2000 and then shave it down a little but Im not sure. Some comments would be greatly appreciated its still a work in progress really. The command squad and the vehicles are all new additions.

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