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1500pt Tourny Raven Guard. Thoughts?
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Default 1500pt Tourny Raven Guard. Thoughts?

My local RT is holding an end of the month 40k Tournament with the grand prize of a battalion box of the winner's choice. In response many of the local participants have appropriately beardied their lists. I'm expecting playing against Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Emperor's Children, Tau, and Eldar. I prefer to keep my list balanced overall, but I am giving a few new units a go. Here's the list I've cooked up thus far.

Chaplain: Master of Sanctity
*Jump Pack
*Bolt Pistol

Terminators (6)
*Missile Launcher
*Assault Cannon

*Heavy Flamer
*Extra Armor

Assault Squad (8)
*Furious Charge
*Veteran Sergeant
+T/L Lightning Claws

Tactical Squad (8)
*Plasma Gun

Scout Squad (8)
*Veteran Sergeant
+Power Fist

Bike Squad (4)
*Melta Gun
Attack Bike

Devastator Squad (8)
*Lascannon (2)
*Missile Launcher (2)

Total: 1499

The new Units are the Bike Squad (which replaced a unit fo Grey Knights), and the Dreadnought (replaced scout snipers). I've field tested them a few times against nids, & they did pretty well. Although a Zoanthrope did bust my Dread before he could do any real damage. It might not win, but I think it stands a fighting chance against most armies.
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Default Re: 1500pt Tourny Raven Guard. Thoughts?

Looks good to me. Good luck.
It is all fun and games until someone takes it too seriously
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