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need advice 1500 list for "friendly" tournament
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Default need advice 1500 list for "friendly" tournament

This list is intended for an upcoming friendly tournament . It needs to be an all comers list because I have no idea what armies will be present. Please take a minute to look it over. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Fluff: (Just for kicks) The Hellfish are named after a particularly aggressive fish found on their homeworld of Niro IV, located on the eastern fringe of man's empire. The Chapter does not follow the usual company organization employed by other chapters, but is organized into 20 patrols of 50 marines. 15 patrols are deployed at any given time. This allows the chapter to act quickly in times of need. The Hellfish rely heavily on intelligence and surgical strikes to maximize their impact on the current state of unrest in the sector. Their primary objective is to assassinate enemy HQ units. By devastating enemy comand and communications they are able to prevent any threat from overwhelming the tenuous hold the emperium has on this far flung region.

Advantage: Cleanse and purify
Disadvantage: Eye to Eye

[size=14pt]Army Name: Hell Fish [/size]



HQ 1: Chaplain Quintus: (107)
- (Jump pack, bolt pistol, Frag)



Elite 1: Dreadnought Marcellus: (115)
- (assault cannon, missile launcher)

Elite 2: Dreadnought Vincenzo: (115)
- (assault cannon, missile launcher)

Elite 3: Dreadnought Julius: (115)
- (assault cannon, missile launcher)



Troops 1: Tactical Squad Orange 10 marines: (259)
- (7x bolters, 2x flamers, 1vet powersword and bolt pistol, 10x frag, Rhino with smoke and extra armor )

Troops 2: Tactical Squad White 6 marines: (221)
- (3x bolters, 2x meltguns, 1 vet Powerfist and bolt pistol, 6x frag, Razorback with heavy bolters)

Troops 3: Tactical Squad Brown 6 marines: (115)
- (4x bolters,plazma gun, lazer cannon)

Troops 4: Tactical Squad Blue : (115)
- (4x bolters,plazma gun, lazer cannon)



Fast Attack 1: Assault Squad Blonde 10 marines: (257)
- (7x bolt pistol and chain sword, 2x flamers, Vet powersword, bolt pistol)

Fast Attack 2: (Tornado): (80)
- (assault cannon, heavy bolter)

[size=14pt]Army Total: (1499) [/size]


It is all fun and games until someone takes it too seriously
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