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1850 Competitive with GK Allies
Closed Thread
Old 10 Nov 2006, 03:35   #1 (permalink)
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Default 1850 Competitive with GK Allies

Master @107
. Power Weapon
. Bolter
. Frag Grenades
. Terminator Honours
Leadership-spreader, extra bolter, and counter-charge unit

Grey Knight Terminator Squad @199
3x Grey Knight Terminators
Assault specialists; counter-charge versus an assaulty enemy or deep-striking assault versus a shooty

Tactical Squad @115
6x Space Marines
. Lascannon
. Plasma Gun

Tactical Squad @115
6x Space Marines
. Lascannon
. Plasma Gun

Tactical Squad @115
6x Space Marines
. Lascannon
. Plasma Gun

Tactical Squad @95
6x Space Marines
. Heavy Bolter
Fire support

Scout Squad @136
. Terminator Honours
. Teleport Homer
. Sniper Rifle
5x Scouts
. 4x Sniper Rifles
. Missile Launcher
Beacon for GK, anti-infiltrators and fire support

Grey Knight Squad @232
. Frag Grenades
. Melta-bombs
. Targeter
7x Grey Knights
Anti-infantry fire support and counter-charge unit

Fast Attack
Landspeeder Tornado @80
. Assault Cannon

Landspeeder Tornado @80
. Assault Cannon
Anti-infantry and objective grabbers

Grey Knight Teleport Attack Squad @231
. Frag Grenades
. Melta-bombs
7x Grey Knights
Can either play the same role as the other GK or as an offensive squad, like the GKT

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad @200
8x Space Marines
. 4x Missile Launchers
Anti-tank and MEQ

Predator Annihilator @145
. Lascannon Sponsons

Total Points: 1850

I like this list a lot, personally. It's got a good amount of troops (59) when the GK are considered; it's balanced in firepower (anti-tank and anti-infantry); and it's balanced in terms of shooty and assaulty.

Rip it apart.

"In the nightmare future of the far future there is only war." - Apocalypse
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Old 27 Nov 2006, 01:47   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1850 Competitive with GK Allies

Like you've said, it's a nice, pretty balanced list, with plenty of warm bodies and guns in each needed categories. My sole 3 gripes with it are:

- No Powerfist___Nemesis Force Weapons are very nice, but sometimes some Str8 fisting action is hard to get without.

- Only 4 GK Termies___they hit hard and might be hard to shoot at at long range. However, only 4 bodies in a single unit doesn't sustain losses well.

- The Power Weapon on the Master, while working great Vs T3 figs, loses much usefulness Vs T4+ figs. Replacing it and the Termie Honours with a Lightning Claw would give the Master some extra edge against MEQs. A Storm Bolter or additional Claw plus a Jump Pack would make the Master much better, but not without sacrificing some critical units or upgrades, so meh!
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