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1000 Point Joint Battle.
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Default 1000 Point Joint Battle.

Hey Guys!

Due up sometime this week, I and a friend have a 1000 pt (total)
joint army battle, were both taking 500 pts each and are both SM players. I wanted to know if our force combined is any good, Our opponent is chaos and chaos, We have been given grant of custom chapter use but no custom characters.

The mission type is Take & Hold.

My army will consist of :

Storm Bolter
Power Weapon
Artificer Armour

5 Termies
Thunder Hammer x 5
Storm Shield x 5

5 Marines + Sergeant
Plasma Gun
Heavy Bolter

5 Marines + Sergeant
Melta Gun
Plasma Cannon

My Friends will be roughly :

1 Commander

6 Man Tac Squad :
Plasma Gun
Missile Launcher

5 Man Scout
4 Sniper Rifles
Missile Launcher.

The general idea is his scouts will Inf with the beacon towards the objective and my Termies will DS in and hold it for as long as possible, My & His Tac squads will just stand and shoot.

Im Not Sure what the chaos guys will take but one of them is a World Eaters Legion so its bound to contain Berserkers....

Anywho, Any ideas on how this will turn out would be nice or some small tips on tactics or changes.

Tah Guys.

Chow Fer Now

Do Not Start Something Unless You Can Finish It.

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